XML not working with Cantamus

I’m trying to export XMLs to Cantamus.app. It’s worked succesfully in the past, but this file is giving me an error when I try to import it to the site:

File is here:
All People That on Earth Do Dwell_audio.dorico (970.3 KB)

I’ve tried removing fermatas, copying all music to a new flow, etc. Nothing is working.

I think the Error message says it all. It appears Dorico gives the pickup bar a measure number “X0” (I’m not sure if this is a recent change).
You could open your xml in a text editor and change all X0 to just 0, and see if that works.

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There’s been another thread just about the same thing. I’m wondering whether it’s connected to the problem with lyrics with extension lines and xml exports…
[Edit]: Janus’ comment just appeared and he must be just about right for this one!!!

Thanks to you both. This is a major bummer, as I’m very dependent on Cantamus for rehearsal recordings for my choir. I’m going to try downgrading to 5.0.

All People That on Earth Do Dwell_audio - Score - 01 Flow-noX0.zip (11.6 KB)
Try this xml.

(All I did was use Notepad to Replace (ctrl-H) X0 to 0. The xml opens OK in MuseScore and Dorico)

I think the problem may be with Cantamus as I’ve found measures marked X# (any number) will import fine into Sibelius, Finale 26, MuseScore and Reaper. The musicxml measure attribute element definition says “While often numeric, it does not have to be.” That’s why I think it’s not a Dorico problem.

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Oh, I’m sure it’s more likely to be a Cantamus issue, not a fault of Dorico. Either way, I need it to work.

Thanks @Janus for that file, which worked fine. I also made one with no pickup, since it’s audio-only…

It would definitely be worth reporting this issue to the Cantamus developers, so they can fix it.

I will, thanks. They have been pretty responsive in the past to input.

As long as they haven’t fixed it my workflow is to change the pick-up bar to a regular one. I always create a separate version for uploading to cantamus either.

another thing to note with Cantaums, unless they’ve recently fixed it, is that if there is no explicit time signature, the parsing fails. I found this out when I exported just one flow which continued the same time signature as the previous one but Cantamus was unable to read it. Of course if there is a pick-up bar, at this point the time signature has yet to be defined but it’s probably not related.

Have you ever managed to use swing in Cantamus? I have found that neither Dorico nor MuseScore export swing to the MusicXML file.

I haven’t used swing in any files I uploaded, sorry.

Do you know how I can get in touch with the Cantus development team?

Yes, through their website. I have requested some things and they are very responsive.

info at cantamus dot app

Thanks for your replies.