Xmls from sibelius doesn't have playback sound

Hi there
I’m trying now Dorico

When I open an XML I have exported from Sibelius I can’t playback the score and hear all the score + I don’t get any sound when I input new notes.
I tried to save the XML as a dorico file (by thinking that might help) but get the message:
"This project referenced a playback templater playbachtemplatehasse that is not installed in this system

Does anyone know if there is a solution to this problem?

  • Do I get any kind of discount if I am a “pay per month” user in Sibelius?
    Thank you :slight_smile:

Try switching to Play mode, then go Play > Playback Template. Select one of the factory templates (HSSE+HSO (Pro) if you’re using Dorico Pro), then Apply and Close. You should now have playback. If any of the instruments sound wrong, it’s because Dorico has misunderstood the instrument definition in the MusicXML file. Switch to Setup mode, click the disclosure arrow to the left of the relevant player in the left panel, then click the disclosure to the right of the instrument that appears immediately below. Then click Change Instrument, search for the correct instrument and hit OK.

As to the crossgrade discount, yes, you’re eligible for it as long as you can prove that you’ve been paying for Sibelius Ultimate for a minimum of 12 months. If I’ve understood the small print correctly, the subscription product now known as “Sibelius” is not eligible - it’s a cut-price flavour of Sibelius with a limited feature set (in the same way that Dorico Elements is a cut-price flavour of Dorico with a limited feature set). It’s difficult for Steinberg to provide clarity over this, as Avid have renamed what used to be called “Sibelius” as “Sibelius Ultimate”, and all the people that have e.g. Sibelius 6, 7, 7.5, 8 etc. are eligible for the crossgrade discount.

There is something you should try after the xml import : in Setup mode, left colum (players), make sure you change instrument (little menu next to the player) to the appropriate instrument, so that Dorico can allocate the right sounds. There sometimes are discrepancies at that stage. In Play mode, play menu, Playback templates…, choose HSSE, so that you make sure the VSTi is perfectly configured.
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Thanks a lot, Leo and Marc! What a friendly and fast responding community :slight_smile:
Can you help me with those two as well?

  1. is it possible to copy a fragment from a score and copy it directly as an image at google docs? in Sibelius, it’s the “Alt G” toll.
  2. Is it possible to choose/focus on only a few instruments from a full score and hide all the rest? (I don’t mean to show individual parts ) it’s the “Focus” toll on Sibelius Ultimate.
    If these two are possible, are they going to work on PRO and Elements?
  3. If I’m buying “elements”, can I add the extra payment in the future and upgrade to the Pro?
    Thank you!
  1. There’s a new feature in Engrave mode called slices, look up for it in the version history (it is not described yet in the user guide). Note that it requires Dorico pro
  1. You can create as many custom scores as you need, and populate them with the players you choose
  1. There are update prices. Not sure it’s really interesting but it’s up to you!

Right now, the crossgrade from Sibelius to Pro is an absolute steal. I’ve never seen it this cheap before. If at all possible, figure out whether Dorico suits you before the price goes back to normal (middle of September I believe) and then, assuming you’re happy with Dorico, go straight for Pro.

Re your point about Focus on Staves, there’s new functionality in 3.5 called Staff Visibility Changes. Add a Staff Visibility Change (or double click any System Break or Frame Break) and you can show or hide any stave (whether empty or not) from that point onwards.

Thank you
Do you have to export the image or is there a way you can right click copy it somehow directly?

You do have to export it, which is done via the Export Slices button in the Graphic Slices panel in Engrave mode.

unfortunately, the visibility change doesn’t work in gallery mode (hope it will in the future because it is indeed very comfortable) , so the best way for me is via the setup mode