XML's not loading since update to 6.5

could some one try this for me please ,

go to the device manager ,import xml and nothing happens .
It’s asking me if i would like to over right the installed xml but nothing is showing up . Every thing was fine untill 6.5 onwards i think !

I’m assuming you mean the MIDI Device Manager?

Import Setup works for me.
Will even create a new device if one of the same name is already installed.

and i take it your running 6.5.1 ?

6.5 32 bit

I’ll update to 6.5.1 and see what happens.

ok sorry i forgot to mention im running 64 bit ,im just wondering if its my midiquest thats caused the problem as thats the only other program installed since c6 ,i hope not lol , thanks for trying

I actually changed that post after looking in your signature (where it says 64 bit).

I just tried it on 32 bit 6.5.1. Works as expected.

problem solved , it seemed like my xml for the jv2080 was damaged but lucky for me i had a back up , all loaded and working