xox/mashine-like drum step sequencing

Sometimes it’s very handy to step sequence drums xox- or Maschine-style using pads. It partly possible using mouse in Cubase with the StepDesigner MIDI insert. But, as far as I know, it’s not possible from a pad controller.

Wouldn’t it be great to just hammer out patterns on you pad controller, directly into an event on a track. And when selecting an event it’s immediately layed out on the controller. Just like in, for example, Maschine

Features would be:

  • Ability to select an instrument (a kick, a snare, etc) from the pad controller*
  • Having the selected instrument’s steps layed out on a grid (ie Cubase needs to tell the controller which note are on which step)
  • Hitting a pad to indicate a step (veolocity sensitive of course)
  • Ability to select bar from the pad controller*
  • Ability to set octave up/down from the pad controller*
  • Important: ability to select an event on a track and have it’s note transferred to the controller interactively

*) or from Cubase, duh

This obviously needs a protocol for communicating with pad controllers so it’s not just a Cubase thing. But Steinberg must be the company best situated for getting vendors to implement such a protocol! Am i right or am i right :smiley: ?

On NU 8 here but would love this functionality.