XP to W7 discussion thread.

Okay, got the upgrade to Cubase 6, the Full Halion ad bought Melodyne editor.
So I figured it’s time to upgrade my OS aswell and picked up a copy of W7.
I will stay on 32 bit though.

But I probably have to reinstall the following:

Toontrack Superior drummer/ez drummer and EZX electronic add on.
One UAD card (UAD-1)
Melodyne editor.
Garritan’s personal Orchestra
Steinberg Virtual bassist (maybe I just leave that, never use it anyway)

So is this easy? I am such a looser with computers.

The rest of my software (D16_Tone2_Angular momentum and such) seems not a problem
but the rest works with online key registrations etc, if you did one of them could you please
tell me if there is something I should know. Especially the UAD card, I don’t know where to begin :frowning:

Like should I remove the licenses on my toontrack account before installing the software, I don’t have a clue and it’s all in English, I am not terribly bad at it, but still sometimes it’s daunting, because it’s a lot I have to

I start saturday, now I am backing everything up, I sooo hope I am going to survive this.
Have a really stable system since Cubase 4…Don’t want to loose that.
This is the first time I do a complete reinstall, and I bought a lot of software the past years.

Today I managed to get all my accounts again accessible, made one pass word for all of them.
I noted everything down, I also got a hold of all the confirmation emails from past 5 years and
all the boxes from toontrack, GPO and what more I have.

So I am prepared but soooo afraid!

I hope this thread get’s a lot of pointers from others.

Help me Obi wan Cubasi, you’re my only hope!!

Greetz Dylan.

No advice :cry:

But I hope it all goes well :stuck_out_tongue:

Aan jou heb ik ook niets! :imp:
But thanks for the replie! :smiley:

Hi Dylan,

Yes, seems like a bit leap, and it’s good that you’re preparing carefully now, before doing the new install. I think you’re going to be just fine! :slight_smile:

There will be a load of niggles to sort out once you upgrade, but they are all sort-outable, so you won’t end up without anything you need, unless of course it’s not compatible Win7!

Have you considered going 64bit while you’re doing the upgrade? Why not take all the hit in one go? Pretty much all of Cubase and the plugins you mention work fine in Win7 64bit to the best of my knowledge.

Here are my specific ideas:

  • back up your email file carefully so you don’t lose all the valuable info in your emails
  • back up as many of your documents and song data, presets, preferences etc. as you can, including templates and preferences for Cubase, if you rely on these
  • for any software that is locked to your computer (e.g. Toontrack), the new OS will appear as a different machine, so when you re-install you will need to re-authorise them. For SD this is done in your account on toontrack’s website - so make sure you’ve got the login (sounds like you’ve done this). You can also de-authorise your old ‘machine’ so that you haven’t lost an authorisation in the process
  • for UAD, I think that reinstalling the UAD software should sort you out, although you might need to download the authorisation file from UAD, which I think is done from within the UAD meter widget
  • Melodyne editor: this is a specific installer with your name in it, I think. You’ll need to download it from the Melodyne website (unless you back up a copy you’ve already got) and then it’s authorised on an iLok isn’t it? So reinstalling the application and reinstalling iLok drivers should get you working here
  • Garritan just uses a personal serial number doesn’t it? If it needs authorising online then this should be possible - at the very worst you’d need to tell customer support at Garritan that you need a new authorisation for a new install of the OS

If you hit any other problems, I’m sure all of us here will be able to help you out. When I do this I tend to do it bit-by-bit over about a week, so get my basic applications going first (email, web, MS Office) then the music apps, then plugins, with the easiest ones installed first and the more complicated (e.g. UAD, PowerCore) last.

Good luck!


Thanks for your replie,
Getting more confident each minute.

And all the projects in progress? I mean related audio files have a path right now to the Audiopool.
If I transfer the whole map inc. The wavfiles and put it back on the clean system is Cubase not confused?

If set up your projects nicely without moving files around manually, you should be fine. Cubase puts audiofiles in the project folder, so copying that folder should be enough. When in doubt, Cubase has a save backup project option, which moves the entire project and related audio files to a new folder. That way you’re sure you have everything.

Yup, as long as you don’t share files across projects, in which case a consolidate files may be necessary.

Yes, it’s that save back up project I don’t want to do. I’ll have to open first the project wait wait wait…(sigh)
But maybe I will do the important ones just to be shure…


And all my current projects are loaded with GA!! Those files are not commited to the projects, that’s also something I am afraid of. I think I could save a GA preset in that case, but I am going to remove my samples to the external drive then put them back and mediabay will scan it again, or is there a way to save the media tags?

Lot’s of questions…Sorry!

This might useful if your system contains more than 1 hard drive. Before reformatting your pc make note of which hard drive contains your sample libraries (eg. F: Drive). Often times when I reformat my pc and add on extra components like a HDD and DVD Drive the path/letter drive of my components will change: the HDD that was once my E: Drive now because my F: Drive. If this happens to a particular drive that you preferred remained the same, go to the start menu, type in computer manager in the search field and select it. Next click on disk management, locate your HDD that you want the letter path changed by right clicking and selecting “Change Drive Letter and Paths.” Doing this will save you and Cubase time when locating samples from previous projects.

I would install the 64 bit version of the operating system, as there is no penalty for doing so, as long as you have drivers for everything.

You can easily run the 32 and/or 64 bit versions of any software in 64 bit Windows. If you install 32 bit, you’re stuck with 32 bit-only. Also, there is no upgrading a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS. You’d need to wipe your machine and start over.

:frowning: I have ordered W7 32 bit…
I really thoughht that 64 bit was getting me into trouble.
On top of that, when I ordered my music PC 4 yers ago the guy put in 4 gigs of ram in case I would grade up he said.

Anyway, I don’t work a lot with sample libraries, are there more advantages with 64 bit, is your system getting faster or better at things?

I think Win7 upgrade from XP usually comes as both 32 and 64 bit installers, so you might still have the option to go either way - and I’d agree that 64 bit is preferable.

You might not want the extra memory now, but what will things be like in a year?

And pretty much all software is going 64 bit now. I noticed a speed increase right away with 64 bit Windows, but it might just have been the Windows 7 upgrade that did it. The compatibility with 32 bit programmes is really very good, I haven’t come across any 32 bit programmes at all that don’t run.

As fizbin says, if you go 64 bit you can run 32 bit and 64 bit progs, but if you go 32 bit you are stuck with 32 bit for good (until you manage to face yet another reinstall of everything!).

Mind you, Windows 8 is due out later this year, so you could wait for that in order to go 64 bit!

Okay let me refrase that :slight_smile:

I ordered W7 32 bit as in I am staring at the box right now and it’s only 32 bit.
So that’s a choice I have to live with.

But that is not my real issue right now. I have only one big project this year and that is electronic music for a game that will be launched on the android platform. It only involves programming/composing synths and creating sound effects.
(finally had a good reason to buy Halion :sunglasses: )

So my system can handle that now, so also on a 32bit W7 (I hope hahaha)

I’ll go 64 bit when W8 comes out.
Is that also going to be a 200 euro adventure?
Man, they just don’t stop don’t they :open_mouth:

Anyway, thanks for all the tips. Everything is backed up now, took 5 hours to transfer.
Also made copies of the mediabay tags, VST3 presets I made, preferences, All the automaps from Novation I made.
Drummaps, samples,.

Tomorrow I am going to clean the pc, the fan and everything, and reinstall from scratch.
If I am not around on the forum for more then a week I probably threw the PC out and started another career :smiley:

Greetz Dylan.

When I updated to W7 (from XP) I added a new HD and installed EasyBCD (Freeware), which gives me a boot menu. I only tried once to get back to XP, never touched it again. But it will help you to be sure, that you can roll back to your old settings without loosing a complete installation.

Good luck,

Lol, good luck Dylan, I’m sure you’ll be fine.
In case shit really hits the fan I might be able to come by and help you out, but that depends on where exactly you live :wink:

Wait. You still want 64 bit. The product key you paid for will work for either 32 or 64 bit and there is no price difference - it is not illegal. Just find the media to install the exact same version for 64 bit and you’re good.

For instance, if you have 4GB RAM, your 32 bit OS will only be able to see about 3GB of it since the rest will be needed to address hardware. Also, if you want to add more RAM, you’re hosed.

Really, this is something you want to do. Trust me.

I’'ll second what others have said already - Go 64 bit. You will not regret it at all.

Oh maaaaaan…Okay I believe you but eh…

…aboutJbridge, 32 bit folders 64bit folders? All so confusing,
Can I install the 64 bit version and just do the rest as I did before?

Will my Novation controller work? Will my M audio midi keyboard work?
And what about my podXT with Line6 Editor will that work?
Okay…I know my soundcard has 64 bit drivers. But the rest? (Sigh)

As I said earlier, I am horrible with computers, everything I know about computers I learned because I make music with it, not the other way around.

Greetz Dylan.

Den Haag :slight_smile: , you are from Alphen aan de rijn right?

Sorry that was off topic…