XP....will it or won't it???

If the official line is “we have not tested it”, how can you expect one of your two answers. Therefore one might think it had to be tested…

Fair enough.

Good idea! Hopefully within the next day or two! :wink:

As a Steinberg music shop retailer, before I can introduce someone to Cubase now, I have to ask if they are running Win 7, most will not be, so I will now have to sell them something else - maybe Steinberg should keep Cubase 5 going, to save their market share.

So are you one of those sellers, who are talking people into buying something, because they think their customers are not able to have their own opinion and make their own decisions, on what to use for which reasons, and therefore need to adapt to yours…?

Maybe they should, on the other hand they might be well capable of running their own business, without the advice of all those marketing specialsts on the forums here, we´ll see… It´s not really our problem - you can sell something else, I can buy something else…

You could also have them consider getting with the times. XP is 10 years old.

Luck, Arjan

If you ask this same question to Phillipe on the WL7 forum, he will say the same thing ‘not supported’ ‘not tested’.
WL7 does however run on XP, I’ve had no problems yet with WL7.
I’m hoping the same will be true of Cubase 6, but if not I’m going to migrate to W7 soemthing or other!!!

I’m eagerly awaiting it’s arrival, though the steiny shop said, Out of Stock when I ordered it yesterday :astonished:

That’s the great advantage of having the software’s godfather (Wavelab 7) available on the forum. Philippe does acknowledge WL7 runs on XP - just gives no guarantees. And for support; he also tries helping one who has WL7 on XP. Cubase is quite different in that respect, but it’s just the way it is - and on the other hand, Cubase has a much bigger user base…

Luck, Arjan

No I am talking about people that bought a computer maybe yesterday or even today, you can still buy brand new computers with Vista installed, and many have hardware/software that will not work with Windows 7.

When you are involved with retail, you see the bigger picture, a very big proportion of people will have a Vista or Win XP computer, and have a few hundred pounds (dollars, Euros etc…) to spend on a sequencing package, unless they are prepared to spend half as much again on a new operating system and run the risk of their existing software and hardware not work, they are going to ask the most obvious question - “What other sequencing software will work on my Vista computer”.

I use Cubase, and don’t think there is anything better out there, but this is going to be a problem, unless we discover that Cubase 6 on a non Win 7 system is actually OK

That is completely unknown to me, and I doubt it is the case where I am. Who in their right mind would buy a new PC with anything else but the current OS (more than a year old) on it?

If your hardware has no Win7 driver, I can see there is a problem with C6. Can’t blame Steinberg for that though.

Luck, Arjan

no problem, just about anyone who buys a brand new computer today with vista on it is entitled to a free upgrade to windows 7. It’s been that way for almost 2 years. (Gateway, Dell, Hp, etc etc)

It is often said, never buy a new operating system until it reaches a service pack, people will remember the disasters of previous Windows OS when they first came out, so there are very good reasons why many will not fall over themselves to go for the latest OS.
I am a retailer of music software, not computers, I have to work with whatever the customer has already got, and believe me, what they have is often frightening…

Can we blame Yamaha then? My Yamaha mLAN hardware has no Win7 driver and apparently never will. I’d like to upgrade to Win7, but it means losing that hardware.

As hardware has become increasingly integrated with computers, it has also acquired a limited lifespan. And you don’t know what that lifespan will be. There’s no chance I would buy a Yamaha S90XS since I’ve read that editing some sound parameters cannot be done from the front panel but requires a computer. How long will they keep updating the software that does that for new operating systems? Based on past mLAN experience, there will be a limit. How long until they stop updating the driver for the MR816 interface? Ironically, it seems like the older my hardware is (like my pre-1995 keyboards and synth modules) the more likely it is to still work.

On a side note, I think this is one of the reasons MS still releases service packs. Actually, all the bug fixes that are in a service pack usually already come in the form of the weekly automatic updates. But because people now have the perception that the O/S isn’t stable until it gets a service pack, MS releases them anyway.

It is also often said, never buy a Steinberg release before version x.5 so why the discussion here you probably have one more year to even think about updating…



Lol …
They never said that Before Cubase 5
the only 2 versions of cubase that ever made it to x.5 are Cubase 4/5 So That Might explaine it

Was that “never buy a x.0 release” then…? :slight_smile:

So what is written on your interfaces “Yamaha” or “Steinberg”…?
It seems hard to understand for some, but if “Yamaha” then, as also Chris Beuermann already stated, a Steinberg forum is the wrong place, to ask support for or complain about (though I of course understand that Steinberg is the root of all evil and has to be made responsible for everything… :laughing: ). Quite surely that´s why you can´t find any “YAMAHA Gear” sections on these forums…Take some time to think about it and you´ll maybe get the concept…

Well, although XP is 10 years old, it was still the current operating system until Vista came out in 2007. So it’s really just 4 year since it’s discontinuance, which is a more proper way to judge.

I heard That I4Muzique Has tested Cubase 6 On XP and it seems to them that it runs just Fine
However Do not expect to much help from steinberg if something might go wrong (Since they did not test it)
They do Not Officially Support it (They did never say that it will not work)

For me it all comes down to money. I run Cubase on two machines, both XP/SP2 and both totally stable with no need whatever to upgrade the O/S.

Assuming C6 doesn’t like XP, then to upgrade to W7 would cost me 2 x £90 or so, plus £120 for the C6 upgrade, i.e. around £300 in all.

For me, this is simply asking too much.