XP - won't run or merely "not supported"?

Which is it?


Not supported.




So, please can you be more specific, and say it WILL run on XP, but isn’t supported. Or it won’t run on XP.
Say it “isn’t supported” suggests that it will run perfectly well, but you won’t support it. Am I right?

I saw your message to me saying you didn’t test it on XP, but surely you know if XP will work? Or have you put a software block on being able to install onto XP?



Unfair question.

C.B saying that it’s not supported and didn’t come outright and say it doesn’t run (in my mind) be a strong indicator that is does run on XP, but the official statement is anything other than W7 is not supported. If C.B was to say it does run on XP and someone found it didn’t run on their XP it would open him up to criticism.

Not wanting to speak for C.B I think this is as good an indication as you’re going to get.

Wavelab 7 isn’t supported on XP but it runs fine on my system. I would imagine that cubase is a little more demanding on the OS comapred to wavelab but…
Not sure I’m ready to jump to W7 so would love to hear from anyway who has got it running on XP.

edit: :blush: My original post said wavelab 7 IS supported on XP :unamused:

I find it a little strange that XP isn’t supported, when probably 80% of the PC machines out there are XP. W7 is still quite new, and lots of people haven’t made the move yet. It just seems too early to try to forget XP and move forwards with W7. I can see what they’re doing, but it just seems a little premature to me. Cubase 7, yes, in 2013, but not C6 in 2011.

I will however be ordering C6 as I have a “Grace Period” purchase - I only got C5 two weeks ago!!! So I can try C6 on my XP system. If it works then great - if not, I have C5, and then move to C6 when I jump ship to W7 finally!

All the best,


IWBNI someone with inside access could just try it quickly, so that XP users know where we stand.

Obviously it’s in Steinberg’s interest to do this, as if it works then lots more people will upgrade!

Yes come on Steinberg I’m not asking you to support it just tell us will it install and work on XP? If the answer is yes I’ll buy it now. :wink:

OK -

I hqave my order in there…I have XP…and an order for Cubase 6.

I’m the Guinea Pig…i’ll try it!! and let you know.!!


Same here, I’v ordered C6 and will try on XP. If it doesn’t work I don’t mind upgrading to W7 but I’ll have to add a little ram though.


I still have an older “Just In Case” rig running XP and Cubase 4 and 5 so I’m very interested to see what you pioneers discover.

XP is 10 years old. That’s like 2048 human years! Of course there are still plenty of valid reasons for using XP but they’ll be sounding tired pretty soon. I haven’t used my “Just In Case” rig in over a year.

You can always tell who the pioneers are. They’re the ones with the arrows in their backs!

When longhorn was first in beta I has SX running on it fairly stably.

In fact most of the issues came from the driver, so it’s really down to how well your manufacturer (and OS) support the media functions.

Aswell, wouldn’t the pioneers have arrows in thier chest, or are you suggesting the poeple that follow the volunteers shot them in the back?
I’ve ordered the upgrade (steinberg shop said outta stock) and will install on XP SP3.
I’ve been toying with the idea of going to W7 for a few months now,RAM limitations get me fairly regularly. If CB6 doesn’t work on XP I’ll upgrade the OS… but which W7!!! It’s the bitbridge Jbridge thing that worries me most, oh well, we’ll see!

Thanks Neil much appreciated. Oh and my problem is not one of just upgrading to Windows 7 http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=1781

Respect Neil… and good luck.

But don’t you just love the condescending attitude from admin here…. “It’s not supported”… I tell you what Stieny, honesty and transparency, it is not difficult.

Does it work on XP! - YES OR NO? cause your support sucks anyway. (They told me once to buy a new PC becasue they could not get Loopmash to appear on my system after 4 months!) Still not fixed… and I paid for support… 5.5.2 still has issues are they ever going to be fixed? NOPE!

And some of my major hardware that works flawlessly in XP does not have W7 drivers. That’s why I donlt want to switch. I’m perfectly happy with XP and my hardware.

Look forward to XP results - keep us posted.

Will there be a demo version that we can try? That seems the easiest route - test first - then buy if it works out.

I believe there was a demo of C5.

Of course, I never though of the hardware implications going to Win7!

Just thinking, legally if 6 contains fixes to 5.5.2 know issues for which we paid for (XP was supported with Cubase 5 purchase) then is there not some obligation to make those fixes available to XP users using Version 5 who cannot simply up route to Win 7.


We meet again… lol

Ok! maybe not legally but what a terrible business practice, this cannot be right. I think its about time I got on my high horse. Who is my Euro MEP? They have significant powers over consumer/business protection and trade.


No offence but maybe we need to get real?

It’s software we are talking about no?

Software has a lifecycle, and the 5x lifecycle is over and now a new 6x lifecycle has begun.

There is nothing in any EULA that says Steinberg will guarantee that the software will operate in any given state, it is all about risk that the end user must assume, otherwise the software must not be installed.