Does anyone know why Xphraze (or any other VST stuff that came with Cubase SX) will not appear in the VST instruments menu of Cubase 5 on my new computer. I am using Windows XP SP3 and Cubase 5 with the lates update…Thanks

…or any aftermarket VST instruments. None of them appear in the VST instrument menu even though they are loaded into the Steinberg VST folder.

And have you specified the VST 2.x Plugin folder in Cubase…?

I will try installing again and see if that comes up as an option. Thanks

It doesn´t come up as an option on install, it has to be done in Cubase in the plugin informations, as explained in the manual…

Sorry to be dim, but I have read page 172 of the manual and the Xphraze file is already in the VSTplugins folder. The manual also says to install things using their own installers. How should I proceed from the point where nothing except Cubase is installed in order to get the plug ins to appear in the F11 VST menu. I don’t remeber doing any of this before, but the plug ins will have been loaded into Cubase SX on my old computer and then Cubase has been successively upgraded since. I finally found the VST2 folder which is in Steinberg in Common files elsewhere on the hard disc. There is no .dll file anywhere. I also cannot find any evidence of a “Shared VST folder”

Is it possible that Xphraze is something else? Is it possible that it has no .dll file? or isn’t VST 2? …or that just for one bright shining moment a computer will work first time? :cry:

Which then has to de added in Cubase´s VST 2.x plugin folder path (Am I repeating myself…?)

You should install the plugins as usual and then set the VST 2.x plugin folder in Cubase (Did I say that already…?)

So what…? You were on SX3 before, now you´re on a fresh instal f C 5, aren´t you…?

Well…I tried reinstalling all of the plug ins ( not done the Korg MS20 yet: still fighting with that) I chose the destination folder: program files/steinberg/cubase5/VST plugins for each one. Didn’t do anything else and …guess what…the whole lot works!. I can only presume I installed them to one of the other folders with “VST” in their name last time. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to help-