Over in Hong Kong for vacation, noticed 6 now available, must have been asleep!!
Of course I want to upgrade having watched vids etc. Scared stiff about the microsoft7 experience.
Will it run on XP?
What are the chances of my past work (from best part of 15 years now) being destroyed in the upgrade?? I’m on 5.5 latest at the moment on Carillon 2.4 2G Ram several hard drives. (2G ram to be uprated)
Also do all my plug ins from Spectrasonics Toontrax N.I. etc stay with the new set up, as I also run a Macbook Pro which won’t support my earlier Atmosphere etc examples.

Cubase 6 has not been tested on XP by Steinberg and is not officially supported. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t run on XP. Many forum members have posted that Cubase 6 runs stably on Win XP.

Why are you ‘Scared stiff about the microsoft7 experience’?

I have XP SP3 32bit, and Cubase 6 runs fine for me. :smiley:


Thanx chaps! Like I said, out the scene for a bit, got me mac pro with me on the beach in Phuket… and I’m a rock guitarist! Hence interest in all new to Cubase. Just looking for re-assurrance that an upgrade is not going to turn out to be an issue as in times gone past.Win 7 wise at least this time !!!
Thank you for listening… Now try G maj aug6 & dim 5…5 octaves .betcha can’t?.. you need 15 fingers…or a visit to Thailand where the instruments demand a rethink in Europe.Think 5 neck Rick Neilson open tune on all fingerboards ??? Cubase rock on!!!

Having been stated prior, Windows XP is not officially supported nor tested.

As for the Windows 7 experience. My personal experience is that Windows 7 is way better than XP. I was somewhat hesitant like many others after the “Vista experience”, but Windows 7 has proven itself many times over.

I run Windows 7 64-bit, with Cubase 64-bit and as many plugs 64-bit and VST3 as is available. I do have some VST2 plugs that have not yet been converted, as well as some that I basically refuse (to my loss, of course) to use (yeah, but that’s my choice) because the vendors say that it “has nothing to offer” or “could’ve been done with version 2” and so on.

Anyways, I cannot help you as far as Cubase 6 on XP specifically though, unfortunately.

of course we can´t…coz that chord makes no sense at all :mrgreen:
having said that, why is everyone so paranoid about finally going to win7…Jeez, XP was all but stable and great. Just get over it and make the move…you won´t regret it.

Oh God I will LOVE the moment when the support for XP stops in 2014 by Microsoft and ppl would have to WAKE UP FROM THE PAST and update to Windows 7 (or Windows 8 which might be released by then).

XP was (is) good, but it’s completely obsolete considering the major updates on Windows 7; Superfetch, better multi-processor and modern memory support + zillion of other things so that I never ever would like to downgrade to XP anymore.

You XP users don’t know what you are missing, but Win 7 is the best Microsoft OS to date. And you’ll have to eventually let go of your precious XP.

And yeah, when XP was released back in 2001, it was the very same thing with it also, as it is with Win7 now. “It’s not stable, it uses more memory, it is this and that”. What a bunch of crap! Next, when Windows 8 will be released, it will be the same - again. “Windows 7 is so cool, and Win8 uses memory + is not stable”. Seen it since Windows for Workgroups 3.11 back in 1992, and when Windows 95 was released in 1995. Everybody were SOOOOO SHOCKED !!!

The world is changing and all of us should be going along with it.

Personally, I’d leave any machine running XP alone. The upgrade path is problematic mostly because if you have a machine that came loaded with XP, it’s probably years old and the hardware has a good chance that it’s not supported on Win7. Such are computers (Macs are the same way across even minor revs).

I’m very happy with win7 personally. It’s as/more stable than XP, and it’s way more functional… But upgrading an old system probably will need new hardware, or at least a few updated cards (video in particular)… Most of the hardware I have that ran XP wont’ run Win7… You can check here:


That being said, you may have the same problem with a new PC… If you try to load XP onto it, you may find that you can’t get drivers for assorted hardware issues.

I think moving foward with new systems, you’ll have to go Win7… But keep your XP machines as XP… As for XP on new hardware, dunno… Good luck…

to be honest i don’t think us die hard “cult” (as steinberg has just made us ) care what you think , if its works we use it ,if there are issues thats what the forums for ,even tho its not supported by steinberg i very much doubt they are going stop us trying to sort our issues out for the os that WE decide to stay on , so BUD if i was you id get used to seing people posting about c6 issues and if you choose to skip on by the thread then that would suit us just fine BUT for now i for one am staying on xp where you like it or not

No, mindastray, don’t listen to him! It easy peasy to remote control what people post in web forums! We should support your right to fight for what … is … right … or …

… something.

To be honest, one would have to consider 64-bit as a tough decision barrier. Since 64-bit will inevitably, and not in the far distant future, be the only (until something else comes along, that is, lol) supported platform.

This phenomenon (i.e. similar transitions) has happened a few of times before but I think the hardest industry-wise was the 16- to 32-bit or the “Y2K” change.

Fortunately companies like Microsoft (and of course others) has learned from these events in the past, and has already prepared for future changes of this nature. UNfortunately, application developers are not as quick in turn, for obvious reasons, like being dependent on the Operating System(s). :slight_smile:

For example, even though I know they are servers, Windows Server 2003/2008 “R2” only comes in 64-bit. No alternatives are available, and so that pressure will force third party developers to move on and adapt.

As for VST3, there are IMO obvious reasons why it is better than prior versions. Foremost (IMO) is the abstraction layer that removes “direct MIDI” messaging, or rather assimilates MIDI into a higher level protocol. (As far as I gather, the first releases of VST3 was missing one or more MIDI message definition in this layer, though this has now been rectified, I believe.) Anyway, this is similar (and only ONE example of many) to Microsoft DirectX “HAL/HEL”, which has proven to be a very handy thing for the industry in general.

All in all, I guess my ranting was to state that, systems will move on, whether we like it or not. Steinberg has a fair amount of experience with software intercommunication, and so does Yamaha, which now protects Steinberg under its wings. This experience, compared to a lot of other companies, includes not one or two operating systems, but rather a wealth of them over the years, including hardware. Yamaha also has vested interests and research in this field, and have tried for years, to consume MIDI into something larger (mLan, etc.) as have many other companies. So maybe, finally, Steinberg is showing us a glimpse of that in VST3, I don’t know.

I am very excited about VST3 “Note Expression”! As far as I understand, this is only available with VST3 plug-ins, and it is also just the first “new” type of message available. Surely there will be more. :wink:

Windows 7 64-bit is the way to go, mate. Short answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that would be great, but by then it WILL be Win8 with Win9 release imminent. XP users will have just installed Win 7 and start bitching because C9 doesn’t support Win 7.

good point.

There’s an old saying mate and you’d do well to remember it… “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”.

You are more than welcome to evangalise your own views on XP or any other OS but don’t insult people please!

Your attitude does leave something to be desired.

I have no problem with people wanting to stay with XP…but it is quite annoying when they complain about the lack of support for it with brand new software. Stay with XP and Cubase 4 or 5, but if you want to be current with C6 and eventually C7 you eventually will have to get a current OS.

Absolutely my thoughts too.


hi sean

exactly that ,this seems to be turning in to some issue and certainly people are making it personally , my view is as an unsupported software you take your risk , you understand that when you purchase it ,but its the narrow minded moaners that are causing a problem ,we will all have to move to the latest os one day weather its 7 ,8 ,9,10 but in just happy its working on xp untill i can afford to make the move over !
There are people on here that for some demented reason are not happy for others to have it working on a non current system so why is that ?
Is this topic ever going to end or has steiny got to lock every post , i personally am just here to pick up info ,sort buds (if any )and interact but these people going vigilante are the reasons im never joined the cubase forums in the last 15 years ,
PLEASE drop the subject people its getting boring ,the important thing is we all have C6 which works wonderfully !


I run several machines on win 7 and it is an excellent OS and I will upgrade my DAW when I have several days available to start the process of transferring libraries, licences etc. So my point is it is not that people cannot afford to move forward with new OS systems or as someone unkindly pointed out “stuck in the past” but if you have a system working then it can be an unpleasant and time consuming experience getting a system working when personally I would rather spend the time recording.
Fortunately it seems after several days after installing Cubase 6 on a stable XP system it seems to be excellent and runs as well as Cubase 5.