Xtouch HUI no longer works with tracks, only buses

This is super weird. Created new project in 12.0.30 with Xtouch. created a few audio tracks with I/O for tracking via quantum 2626. that part all works fine. The Xtouch doesn’t want to do anything with regards to tracks. Its locked to control only Buses. I had an extra bus setup and thats all it will control on fader 1. I deleted the bus now its next to useless. fader 1 top display says routing and a couple over Output Bus. and in the right Page :01/05. Pushing Channel on HUI moves between pages. No amount of button pushing on HUI gets it out of this weird mode. If I open older projects with 16-60+ tracks HUI works normally. What is wrong, how do I get it to work normally ? It should not be this hard to reset, and yes I have reset things .


What exactly do you mean by this, please? Which"tracks" are not working?

Don’t use HUI here, but my X-Touch using Mackie is behaving normally on Cubase 12.0.30.

I mean exactly that - the HUI is not showing any tracks - audio, MIDI. Its ONLY showing buses. The ch L / R buttons step though apparently bus related settings as if the faders are all set to buses that don’t exist.
I’ve also hit the various tracks buttons - All, audio, midi ect. Also been through the top row for Pan, Eq ect. Those work for those functions for buses, not tracks.
If this didn’t work correctly on other projects I’d assume the firmware on it was trashed, but its not. Other old projects work fine, its just this new one thats messed up.

Ok new info. I can now repro on old projects as well. The. bug is this : the HUI will not Display tracks lower than 9. So tracks 1-8 won’t show up on the mixer. Only track 9 and higher will. The little test project I had only had 7 tracks in it so the HUI showed nothing. On larger projects with 30-70 tracks it worked on all tracks above 9. This is a off by one coding error in how the bank # is calculated or handled. Please fix this !!!