XV-5080 in Cubase Pro 8

Ok this is not a ‘‘purely-related’’ question to Cubase, but probably both MIDi knowledge, XV-5080-related and Cubase…

I have installed the device correctly, and can access the patches (and change them, presets A to G) directly from Cubase.

However, few questions remain:

  1. why am I not seeing the ‘‘rythm’’ (drums) ? Are they on a separate script to be installed ? (Of course, I can go manually on the XV, select a rythm and record it to Cubase, but would like to be able to get that drop down menu also for rythm parts.

  2. Same question for one expansion board that is installed.

  3. It looks like I cannot set multiple MIDI tracks in Cubase with the device. Most likely related to selection of the MIDI channel… Here’s the issue : if I try to set a different patch on another track and different channel (else than ‘‘1’’), I get an active meter in Cubase, and I see light blinking on the XV-5080, so I assume there is* MIDI activity… However, I get no audio output, wether in the mixing board (same physical connection of course), nor even if I plug a headphone directly in the XV-5080 !! … Only way I can ‘‘solve’’ this is… changing channel to ‘‘1’’ again, but then, the problem is that all other tracks change to the same patch !..

My ‘‘input’’ in Cubase is set to a controller connected in USB to the computer (Axion 49). Then all devices (including this XV-5080) are connected to/from a MIDI interface (MOTU Express MIDI 128). The XV-5080 specifically through its IN and OUT midi ports.

Haven’t used MIDI for a long time, which does not help to troubleshoot of course…

Thanks for any help on this, XV owners or not,

Guess I found reply for (2) : a script is available. However, stupid question maybe, but do I consider this as independant from the XV-5080 yet on the same MIDI port ? (like another device ?)

Still no one has an idea how to access rythm on the XV-5080 ?

Regarding 3):

I presume you are in a Performance [multitimbral] on the 5080, rather than a patch?
Look in Perfomance/Midi/
For the parts other than part 1 :: Mute switch should be OFF & Midi RX should be ON

You can also change the Receive channel for all 16 [32 even!] Parts…the default would be that
Parts 1~16 should receive from Midi Channels 1~16…is this so?


Thank you for your reply.

As explained, I would assume the XV receives (as it blinks) and send as well (as Cubase show metering). Just that I receive no audio (neither from headphones plugged direct in the XV, not through its audio cables getting from the XV to my mixing board. except if I select channel 1 from Cubase…

I’m in patch mode on the device indeed. Not performance (haven’t tried yet to switch to performance… I have had the device only since 4-5 days…) - Are you suggesting I should put it to performance mode (physically on the unit), then still choose the patches same way, track by track, in Cubase ?

You are suggesting to check that Mute switch is OFF. Would that affect audio or just MIDI transmission ? (Yet, I am not familiar enough with the unit, I’m going through the manual for this).

In Patch mode, the 5080 responds on one midi Channel only : in Performance mode, it responds on 16

Put it into performance mode, create two midi tracks in Cubase, set one to your 5080 chnl #1, and next to your 5080 channel #2.
You are now addressing part 1 and part 2 of your 5080…and then you can expand up to 16 parts - indeed, you can expand up to 32 parts with a second midi connection to midi in 2

Caveat [as always!] : Each part of the 5080 performance can have its midi channel selectable [1 to 16]…I’m assuming a default configuration, where part 1 is set to chnl 1 part2 to 2 etc…
This will be the case with preset performances, but may have been changed in User Perfs!

The mute switch is after the Midi Input light, so the unit will not sound with the Mute selected, even tho’ the light still flashes


You made my day ! :slight_smile: Indeed ! It works, and I should have realized that my former JV-1000 (just sold last week) was always on performance mode since over a decade, left in the corner of the room since I was no longer using its keyboard…

Many thanks to you ! I was trying to figure it out since about a week now… And thanks for the hint about reason to use another MIDI IN port on the unit! I had not figured its purpose yet…

That being said, you have no clue for (1) ?

Thanks again !