XY Pad with 4 inputs

I would like to see another XY Pad with 4 inputs.
Having 4 inputs would allow to control 4 parameters at a time, useful for Vector Synthesis
(or has someone found another way of doing that?)

Hope you Steinberg guys consider it.
All the best.


Hello Roger,

That is possible. Create a Program with a Layer and 4 Zones.

Then in the Modulation Matrix of each zone you set the XY Pad as source and volume 1 as destination.

For Zone 1 + 2 I take the vertical pad and for zone 3 + 4 the horizontal pad.

Then I set the Depth for Zone 1 to +100 for Zone 2 to -100 the same then also for zone 3 + 4.

Now it should work.

However, I have not yet figured out how to automate this.

Hello Maggie!

Thanks for the info, I am going to try that out.
All the best.


Hi Maggie!

I am not sure, what I am doing wrong, but I cannot find the XY Pad as Mod source, neither on Program level, nor Layer nor oscillators. Any ideas?

I am using versión 6.0.15 on Win 7 Pro.
All the best and thanks in advance.


Hi Roger,

You can use the Sphere H and Sphere V found under Quick Controls.
Connect the xypad template to quick controls 9 and 10.

Or you could try to do it with script.
PadX and PadY should appear as modulation source under Modulation Module



function calcModulation()
    return padX,padY

Hi Roger,

just as misohoza has described it.

Thanks misohoza.

Hi misohoza!

You did it again! It works like a charme. Thanks a lot for your help.
Also Maggie, thanks a lot to you for trying to help me out.

I chose the option with the Sphere, as I am not that programmer guy…

Again, thanks a lot.
All the best to both of you.


+1 :smiley: