Xylophone octave problem

Hi, I have a Xylophone part on my score and I want to make an individual part using another player. But, when I create another Xylophone player and copy the contents to this staff the notes are pasted one octave above. I tried changing instruments on both players but nothing happened. Although the notes are one octave above, they sound the same. Does anyone know what could be causing it?

Well, I managed to “solve” this by changing the instrument to a different one, for example flute, and then changing it back to Xylophone. Now both Xylo players are on the same octave and sound correctly. But I don’t understand why that difference in octave happened.

My guess would be that the first xylophone was coming from an XML import (not really recognized as a xylophone), but the second one has been created in Dorico. That second one has an 8va bassa included (like a tenor singer or a guitar…), but not the first one. I suppose that, if you open the first player’s card, invoke popover on that 1st xylophone and change the instrument to… xylophone, both instruments will be on the same octave :wink: