Xylophone range and playback issue

Hi, I wonder why Halion doesn’t play these two last notes. So far I know they are NOT out of the range. Hm…http://www.orchestralibrary.com/reftables/rang.html#percussion

I have the same issue as you with Halion, its low range stops at middle C. Interestingly, when I use NotePerformer, the range is a lot bigger; but it doesn’t sound an octave higher like it does in Halion. Instead it seems more like a giant marimba.

I wonder somehow what a reason it could be. There is a super professional team creating all this staff…Possibly this curious limitation comes not from Dorico but from Steinberg it self…

Halion is Steinberg, not part of the Dorico team.

Dorico is made by Steinberg and the Dorico team is just as much a part of Steinberg as any other team within the company. However, the sounds that Dorico is supplied with are not produced directly by the Dorico team but are instead common to Cubase and Dorico. I will pass on this feedback concerning the xylophone range to the HALion team, but I don’t expect them to be able to make any changes in this area in the near future.

Can anyone who uses Iconica say whether some of these range issues (xylophone and at least some vocal sounds) are less a factor than in HALion?

Iconica doesn’t include any vocal sounds at all, and to my knowledge nor does it contain a xylophone.


(Thank you.)

According to the list here (https://www.steinberg.net/fileadmin/files/PRODUCTS/Sounds/VST_Sound_Instrument_Sets/Iconica_section_and_players/Downloads/Iconica_Sections___Players_Articulations.pdf) Iconica Sections & Players does have a Xylophone. No guidance on range, though.