XYZ (updated audio fixes) :)

Just recorded two tunes that I’m excited about with a great bass player named Jerry Navarro. Jerry has played with everyone here in Nashville including the newest country artists. I think you’ll be able to hear he has no boundary musically and man can he read. I moved a total of 3 notes so far to line our playing up and fixed no pitch on his bass at all. Played w/click at his place…I just wanted to share because it was fun to stretch out with Jerry lol (I guess it should be in work in progress group oh well :laughing: )
This is unmixed as I have a special treat in store for this tune one of my favorite Perc/Vibe/Marimba said she wants to play on this so I am hoping when she is off road she will do it. Wish me luck on that one

This guy is good! Chick, you can share your WIPs with us any time! Looking forward to the vibes. Did hear a few places where it sounded like you were supposed to be in unison but you were not. Probably just me.

I know you are right but once all the stuff gets on there I think some of that will change (I hope) . It was a hard chart to read for sure, but there is just one chord at least…think its hard to play those lines I wrote on upright hopeful the percussion will bring all together and if not at least we didn’t use any quantize and if not we will replay.

Awesome piece man, top musicianship… pure quality. Respect :smiley:
Was having a look at your website kzarider, what you do in terms of gig’ing, music production etc etc, that’s what I aspire to do. I love music so much I want every aspect of my life to revolve around it. Hats off to what you’ve achieved man :mrgreen:

What a great piece of jazz! The bass player Jerry shows off his skills in a tremendous way, how long did you guys rehearse before recording? It is a technically challenging piece that requires accurate playing, and the piano part is beautiful and great on the ear. The part from 2:30 to 3:30 where (to my ear) the bass carries the performance and the piano just support is beautiful except that I would like to hear more of the bass in that part, maybe crank up the volume on the bass. Amazing to hear you guys playing in unison like that and has not been quantized. I might be wrong, and I don’t want to be picky, but I think the bass missed one note at 0:46, can you please tell me if I’m wrong. Was this piece done in F min? If so, the piano plays a C note in the tune there and sounds like the bass just missed it, maybe my ears are too sensitive. Can’t wait to hear the finished product with perc and Marimba ! Applause !!

Great skills…love to be in the same room while your playing this…is the bass supposed to coming from the right hand speaker or is there something wrong with my gear ?..Kevin

Thanks that’s incredible do you have perfect pitch? That note was almost a 1/2 step off and on same at end he was a little off to, It floated right over me and I remember him saying something to me also when he played :slight_smile:

Song is in E-. We hung out and I guess, talked two hours about life lol. Took an hour (?) to cut the tune and then overdubs where we missed on stuff including solos. actually tried to fixed all the parts on version I’ve just posted so the piano and bass should be tighter now. I’m not so great at moving audio so I just did best I could, there are 2 bass channel (DI and Shure KSM32) so I had to edit both. There must be a better way to do this. 1st Tried to quantize audio but it didn’t work at all so decided to move the obvious notes only.
Thanks so much you have no idea how much this helps!!!

You are so right! I tried to fix some today let me know if I am closer to being okay
Thanks Again!

Kevin yes I do have bass panned, I usually do a stage and narrow when I mix with piano stereo but left of center unless its not featured. It does sound a little odd this way when its only the 2 of us but will be cool when I add 2 or 3 more instruments. Sorta stage setup where the bass player would be near the hi-hat about 20% pan but from audience perspective (?). Pop music would usually have bass center with kick etc but the great old records seem to make a lot of use of stereo and I like that approach. It will all change when I get more players on it.
BTW you are welcome any day of the week to visit just say the word!

Just posted an update with hopefully fixed audio files.

Great improvement, I take my hat off for the two of you doing this in one hour! I have perfect pitch, that’s why I picked up one note when the two of you play in unison, must admit, had you played different parts I might have thought it’s the arrangement. And I particularly like the sweet end with a long sustained chord. I’m going to teach myself to play the beautiful chords you use in 2:10 to 2:25, I was trained in classical music and really have to compliment you on your piano playing, I guess you must practice a lot of scales to keep your fingers so accurate. Maybe you have planted a little seed here now, first time I really get to listen to jazz and appreciate it more. Looking forward to hear the final version!

Once again (or is it ‘yet again’ now?) great composition and performance. All the melodies and hooks are great but I particularly liked the 0:48 part. I’m imagining a fast, almost DnB style kit for that. Looking forward to hearing it with percussion. Yeah, I like the positioning of the bass, even when it’s just bass and piano. Although, I’m very used to hearing the bass/cellos to the right in orchestra music anyway.

You Mr kzrider are from another planet…where people are born with outrages skills…Kevin

I figured you would like the positioning you do this that very well or should I say VERY VERY well :slight_smile:. About drums I know it would sound good with kit, but I am trying to record for a while not based on beat just using rhythm as add for melody, creates a lot of freedom I think.

On Bass I learned from a bass player friend that told me to it for Upright but not electric.

lol,Thanks! it’s really all about having no life :laughing:

What, Lenny White couldn’t come over and track with you? :laughing:

Nice work, and yes, the bassist is impressive if that was a total read :sunglasses: