XYZ Updated with Summing Mixer

A new composition for me Titled XYZ. This features Beth Gottlieb on Mirimba John Santos on Percussion, Jerry Navarro on Upright. I just did synths a few minutes ago and will probably edit when ears are fresh :slight_smile:

Just added Chris West on Flute hope it helps complete the tune. Let me know what you think (I need to do the complete mix) just want it to right before I complete :slight_smile:

Updated mix today, and I’m getting with flutist today to see where it goes :slight_smile:

So cool my fermostat broke. :laughing:

Sweet! :sunglasses:

that’s some playing. :astonished:



Thanks everyone!!! It gives me some encouragement to complete this stuff, was sorta scared about not using a drummer, but with by Cuban percussion brother playing and your kind words I think I may be okay :slight_smile:

If you can tell me what you think of flutes

Goes down real smooth. Nothing awkward about it at all!


I shouldna bought a new fermostat. :cry: :laughing:

Absolutely effing great – and WTF? Santos? He BRINGS it.

My ONLY slight nit is the Moog makes a brief appearance and is never heard from again; I;d consider losing it

You are probably right and I have been thinking the same. It actually plays the melody along with flute but I didn’t use it again at end. I am torn about it, but thanks for pointing it out!!! It is still a work in progress

Man thanks, I am so glad to hear from you!!!

The synth just doesn’t seem to fit the Afro-Cuban thing

As always, extremely clever stuff from you, bit jazzy for me, I’m afraid it just goes over my head but very smooth and off the radar musicianship…


I’m often challenged by jazzy stuff too, but there’s no doubt that the musicianship is right up there… mix sounds real good too. :sunglasses:

Kenny, so glad you’re around. Love this stuff; reminds me of ECM recordings from the 80’s and 90’s. I wish you were local so I could be in your band or you could be in my band. I have no criticisms.

Thanks! What a great compliment, I really hope we can play together. You say where and I will do it :slight_smile:

I just bought a SPL 2384 Dreammix and redid this. I am hoping it warmed things up

That’s some sublime playing. Great combination of instruments, and I really loved the percussion as opposed to drums - made it light and delicate.

Having said that, I kept on being reminded of a sort of Return to Forever vibe, and I could definitely hear this same piece with a crackling Stanley Clarke and Lenny White type rhythm, especially if you repeated the speedy synth playing. Lovely recording as well.


It’s great to hear from you!!!

You can probably tell that I love Return To Forever from my writing. I wanted to do a project w/o drums to see if it would work and have the space to play more freely. I will probably cut all these tunes again with a drummer and electric bass player. I have performed some of them live that way :slight_smile: I am thinking I will lose the horn sound in middle during piano solo, do you think it takes song out of character? Just not sure about that part

It’s been great not using Vsti synths, wish I had a grand piano though. It’s the only thing I am missing in studio now…It’s been a long road putting together all these vintage instruments 2 200a Wurlitzer, Rhodes Suitcase, B3 with 122 and 45 leslie (that gets me most of my work) hohner clavinet pianet duo. (I have XK3c also that I don’t use much but still love it, makes it hard to get rid of). Also a few great Synths…

i listened to it last night, nice playing and very clear mix, i kept expecting Carlos to chime in ,good stuff.