Yaaaaawn!! Growing old in front of Dorico!

Boy oh boy Dorico is slow…or maybe I’m not supposed to use it like that??!

I wanted to copy sections of a piece I did previously in Sibelius into a project so I do not have to re-write those sections again. Let’s call is “Adagio in D”…about 50 bars. So I exported the Sibelius (Adagio) piece into an XML file. I opened the XML file into Dorico and SAVED it as “adagio.dorico” file. I close Dorico.

Then I opened my Dorico project. All looks fine. VST’s are loaded. I click on “Open” and opened “adagio.dorico”. Now there are two Dorico files open (is this ok…because it works). Now I want to select sections from adagio and paste it into my actual Project but IT TAKES ABOUT 5 MINUTES TO SWITCH BETWEEN THESE TWO OPEN PIECES. Then, when adagio is actually responding, it takes about 60 seconds to select the music I want to copy. Once all the notes are orange, I Ctl+C (Copy).

Now selecting my actual project is a problem. It is frozen and takes about 5 minutes to manipulate (like dragging things around etc.). I click on the rest where I want to paste the adagio seleced notes. I press Ctl+V (Paste). Pasting takes about 30 secondes.

I wanted to make a vide, but it’s 10 PM and I’m not in the mood.

Any Idea how to speed Dorico up a bit. You can see in my signature block my PC’s specs. Surely I should be able to oprn more than ONE Dorico file at a time.

Keep Well. Yaaaaawn!!!

Hi Hans,

It is the same for me. As far as I have understood, it is because of the playback system, Dorico deals with the sound set for each project in a less than optimal way and that is why it gets slow. I have had a bit better results after manually deselecting the Halion player from one of the files but not always. You could give that a try.

Hans - you seem to be on version 1.0.10 of Dorico. The current version is 1.0.30.

But maybe that has no relevance for your problem. And maybe you updated the program and not your signature.

Actually ChrisC, I think I’m maybe the very FIRST Dorico User to download and install the latest updates. :wink:

I am also on 1.0.30.

Still…v e r y s l o w!

Hi Hans,

at the moment it is quite impossible to work on two or more different files at the same time when one has bigger score, because on each switch of the focus from one file to the other, it unloads the complete samples from the audio engine and then loads the sample set for the next file. As far as I know the Dorico team has this on its agenda to be fixed soon.
Unfortunately the same happens if one pressed by accident the Command + N / Ctrl + N button, which initiates the creation of a new file.

Regards, Felix

I have this monster orchestral testfile that takes nearly 3 minutes to load. Since it’s an all-Halion thing, I disabled the VSTs (setting the VSTs in the rack on the right in Play mode to none) and resaved the file. It now loads in half the time and it seems I can switch between this and another big file (having received the same treatment) much more efficiently… if I ever should want the sounds back I can just do ‘Apply default playback template’… (Obviously, this is not a solution when using other sound libraries)

I am disinterested in the playback aspects of Dorico and when working on a four to six-part vocal work without keyboard reduction of about 50 pages imported via xml and then wishing to break up the work into flows by using cutting and pasting the process is very slow and there is no indication anything is happening. Even a little rotating clockface would give one the confidence to wait. Initially, I thought that Dorico had simply frozen due to the time involved. Now I know it’s just very slow - maybe even too slow at this stage. Looking forward to a means to speed this process up…

Actually, cutting and pasting isn’t too bad. It’s deleting and creating flows when one already has a large project that is the problem…

Deleting and creating flows will be much, much faster in the next update.

This is going to be a MEGA update ! Can’t wait — or yes, I wait until you know everything is perfect :wink: