Yamaha 01X

Does anyone know how to make a Yamaha 01X work with windows 7 ? I have spent $2000 on a doorstop. PLEASE help…before I murder another computer in very cold blood


sorry, got nowhere, any other ideas ?

How about you tell us what you want to do with it and where you get stuck?

I want to use it as all the things it was designed to do and it won’t install or get recognized by windows 7. I think my only option is to install Windows XP on the new machine.

I have paid another £120 ($200) for Virtual XP and it has only increased my resolve to throw the new machine straight out of the nearest window

OMG! You refuse to answer Strophoid’s question and then continue complaining about investing more money on some unidentified product. How about taking a deep breath, calming down and giving us a description of your problem with words we might understand. You know, there are great experts here (like Strophoid) who could help you if you would just co-operate instead of whining. These experts may not know details of 01X, but are familiar with integration between hardware units and Cubase in general.

Well, read his answer. He did answer the question: He wants to install th 01x on Win 7, which does not recognize the device which he already wrote in his first post.

Thank you!

My Strat is 18 years old and works with a brand new flanger, MIDI equipped synth (it has a Roland pickup thing) and for that matter, it could be twice that age and it would make no difference. I have synths twice as old as the O1X and they still work with a modern interface. (Except Emagic AMT8 thanks to Apple’s scorched earth marketing policy)
I don’t think the frustration of a $1000 plus piece of equipment less than seven years old not working and becoming useless constitutes whining. I now have the answer from Yamaha themselves. It won’t work. Tough. My machine is now at the menders having XP installed and set up as dual boot. If this fixes the problem, I will report. I only wish I had known this 3 months ago.

Don’t know if anybody still wants to know more about the 01X and Windows 7:

I have my Yamaha 01X working great with Cubase 6.5.3 and Win7 32bit. It’s not easy to get it working but it’s possible.

For me info take at look at this mLAN forum:

How? Where is there a driver for this? Yamaha certainly don’t have one. If you have the address of one, I would be very interested. Thanks

You need to change your firewire driver into (Old version)

Can you expand on that? Thanks for getting back. Do I need a different driver and where could I get it from? I assume the 01X sold well but can’t believe they are all rusting away for want of a working driver

There are 2 MAJOR issues I have found when trying to install mlan and the 01x with windows 7 (and above due to Microsoft removing midimapper).

1, there is no 01x.inf driver file for the 01x so its IMPOSSIBLE to install as you would any modern and compatible peripheral.
2. Its impossible to assign the correct midi ports as midimapper is no longer available.

problem 2 isnt really the issue when you cannot even install the 01x in the first place. Windows knows its there in device manager, BUT there are no drivers for windows 7. 32 or 64 bit so it is a NONE STARTER !!! I am still playing around with this to see if there is a backdoor using cubase/cakewalk or logic etc but so far I have not found ANY app that can over ride the windows issues, ALL say the 01x cannot be found.


I have uploaded some videos onto youtube to show the Yamaha 01x WORKING on Windows 7 32bit x86 with both Cubase sx3.11 and Cubase5. I have thus far failed to get it working with either Sonar x1 or the Yamaha Studio Manager as the mlan installation appears to be incompatible with them and Windows 7. I have made no physical alterations to my 01x, however it is running mackie mode remote control and the stereo out appears not to work only Monitor and you have to configure a new vst connection bus and direct the output to mlan channels 17/18.

Other configuration changes I have made.

I am using the onboard Firewire (via) in legacy mode (I have a TI chip PCI card but not installed)
I have installed the mlan tools version 1.6.3 update, the older 32bit driver DOES NOT WORK

Hello. I purchased a used mixer Yamaha 01x . I have a DAW with Windows 7 64 bit and Cubase Pro8 . I can not in any way to install Yamaha 01x . There are solutions ? I noticed on the forum that there are FireWire cards supported and some not. But I’m not sure . Help please .

Salve. Ho acquistato un mixer Yamaha 01x usato. Ho una DAW con windows 7 a 64 bit e Cubase Pro8. Non riesco in nessun modo ad installare Yamaha 01x. Ci sono soluzioni? Ho notato su un forum che ci sono delle schede firewire supportate e altre no. Ma non ne sono sicuro. Aiutatemi vi prego. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Not sure if you are going to have much luck. Your best bet would be to install the XP64 bit driver from here http://download.yamaha.com/search/product/?site=usa.yamaha.com&language=en&category_id1=16244&category_id2=16268&category_id3=&product_id=100004

Not sure if it will work with later versions of Windows.

mLAN was never easy to get up and running, and most of the resources (mlancentral.com and 01x.com) are gone. I have a few support notes left up on my website, but unfortunately most of the step by step stuff is through now defunct links.

You may have some luck pulling up old posts over at archive.org

If I remember rightly getting Win7 64 bit working involved running Win 7 in developer mode to get around the driver signing requirements of the XP64 driver.

You will need to ensure you have a supported firewire chipset. If you have more than mLan devices on the network the range of supported cards get very narrow. You will need one with 6 or 8 ISOC channels.

You may also need to set the SidSpeed parameter in your registry, though not sure if this is still relevant with Win7.

I run my mLAN gear offline as a sub-mixer and controller using the MIDI ports, and keep an XP computer around in case I need to reconfigure the routing.

Good luck with it. The drivers were never really finished and most people I know needed to put some real effort into getting the hardware working with their computers.

I have 01X working on W7/W10 32 bit. (Didn’t try W8.0/8.1). mLan works, midi and audio interfaces are available and work without (unknown) problems.

Seems to run pretty stable with Cubase 8.5, didn’t get StudioManager to work though.

You will still need an Ti compliant fw card for it to work “stable” …

Follow this procedure to install and/or select the Legacy driver for your firewire interface >> (Disregard any comments on importing video, concentrate on the “changing <IEEE 1394> driver” part). Disconnect any firewire equiptment before executing the procedure… https://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/Firewire-1.htm … After that install the mlan drivers and the tools like your use to…

I also had my 01X modified. It now has a extra physical midi interface at the back of the console that I can use to connect the DAW Remote Control interface part of the 01X with any other physical midi interface. A switch at the back of the console enables me to change Midi 1 interface from mLan2physical and back. Works pretty well (y) Best of luck and … have fun !!

Its now running on W10x64 v1703 (y) (No studiomanager, the rest is fully functional)

Per melessio. Sei riuscito a farlo funzionare con win 7 64bit?