Yamaha AG06 Low level from Microphone in PC

I just bought almost new Yamaha AG06 usb mixer/dac. I have installed the latest USB drivers (2.0.3) and AG DSP controller ( on my Windows 7 PC.
Dynamic microphone was connected by XLR cable, Gain level was increased to 3 o’clock and Peak level to maximum. Level indicator started blinking if Gain increased to Max. Sound was acceptable in headphones. But the sound level on PC indicators was very low, about -30db. Sreaming into the mic led to indicator blinking and to about -18db level. Pad was turned off, and turning it on led to even lower sound level. All effects was off, turning them on worked, but the volume was not changed. I had the mixer reset (comp/eq during powering) - no change in volume.
There is no microphone volume setting in Windows (Recording devices → Line (Ag06) Properties → Levels 100% does not change anything).
The same microphone connected to the different Preamp and connected to line-in of the motherboard works flawlessly.
Is my Yamaha AG06 broken?
Thank you!