Yamaha AG06 - PC sound noise

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I don’t really know if this is the right place to ask for help, but I saw another question about the yamaha ag06 in this forum and decided to start this thread. :confused:
A few days ago I decided to learn more about microphones and sound in general. So I bought my first budget microphone together with the Yamaha AG06 mixer. Today the Yamaha arrived and I pluggeed it into my PC via USB. I installed the latest driver for windows and software and connected my microphone to it. Everything is working perfectly - except one thing.
I tried to plug in my headphones into the headset port and play the sound of my microphone together with the sound of the computer over my headphones. The microphone sound perfectly fine, but the sound of the computer has some noise from time to time in it ( around every 1-2 minutes ).
I disconnected the microphone an set the Yamaha to Loopback to record this noise (Vocaroo | Online voice recorder). The noise is only there when some audio is playing. Otherwise it’s silent. Also the microphone isn’t affected by this.
Does anyone else has this problems? I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if the device is faulty. :blush:

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Hi! I have the exact same issue with an AG03. Did you get it fixed? Should I just get my unit replaced? It’s brand new, I literally got it this morning and I’m so disappointed. Thank you

You’ll get this distorted sound if you use the drivers that are built in to Windows.
You need to install the Yamaha supplied drivers for Windows.

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Thanks for the advice. I noticed a noise sound both from my recently installed monitors and my headphones connected to the Yamaha AG-06. It wasn’t there before. So I was like, “it has to do with the new speakers, the only thing I changed”. But then I just found this post and I recalled I also installed a MS windows based DTS Sound Outbound app as I was testing the speakers. So I unistalled the app and it removed the moise partially. Also I had turned on the Yamaha AG DPS controller’s AG Guitar amplifier simulator and found it was causing the most of the noise so turned it off. I hope this may help some other people as well.