Yamaha Ag06 weird noise problem

I’ve recently bought a new Yamaha AG06 interface and I use it with Cubase 10.5.
Unfortunately, the mixer creates a very disturbing noise when I’m playing music from my PC. It doesn’t matter if it’s connected to headphones or a speaker, the noise repeats ca. per minutes. I’ve recorded the noise, see attached. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19McVAMioyWO5Kyc4s9SfC-ndzegLyCsm/view?usp=drive_web

The noise doesn’t appear when I play music from my mobile phone connected to the device.
Unfortunately, the seller couldn’t help me. We’ve tried it with another new AG06 and with several PCs but the noise appeared again and again.

Can you help me?
Have you ever met this problem before?

Please tell me what can I do.

Thank you very much in advance
Abel Csiki

Hi and welcome,

Does the mixer make the sound even when you don’t playback from Cubase? I mean, is it with Cubase only?