Yamaha and Steinberg at AES New York

Just went to AES in New York on Sunday and am glad to report that Nuendo and Nuage were quite well represented. David Lees and Marcel Mauceri, both very personable and whom I first met at Gearfest in Indiana, were on hand answering questions. There seemed to be quite a bit of interest at the booth and I’ve been hearing about more and more love being shown to both Nuendo and Nuage, especially from the game audio folks. It’s good to see Yamaha putting some real support into this.


Darren “Big Apple” Ingram

Marcel was very nice indeed. The two pieces of information I got from AES were:

  1. A version 7.5 would show up in about 2 1/2 months.

  2. Yamaha people would be made aware of the VCA issue, presumably to put pressure on Steinberg Germany to fix it asap. Marcel didn’t seem pleased with the fact that he had to avoid VCAs when demoing Nuage.

I wonder whether or not users who have already bought into N7 because of the VCA features should have to pay for N7.5 when it appears given that they have not been able to use the feature due to the fact that it does not work properly.

I would expect another update before then, but the question is if they can manage another before 7.5. If they can’t then it’d just show a pretty poor set of priorities. I suppose we’ll see. I think we probably should contact Yamaha directly and tell them to turn up the pressure.