Yamaha buys Line 6

Line 6 to be Acquired by Yamaha Corporation
I wonder what this might bring to Cubase?

I use several Line 6 products and these folks are very good at raunch guitar

As a guitarist I find that L6 stuff does not ‘feel’ as good as IK stuff
but their stuff does ‘sound’ just as good/real/authentic as the real thang.

Could be a nice addition to the ‘VST Rack’.

I’m wondering about direct note recognition … plug a guitar directly into Cubase and have it control soft synths directly via audio detection without the added latency of having to go via MIDI conversion first.

Ah the Holy Grail of MIDI guitar!!!

I have been waiting since 1990 for that.
But ain’t gonna happen because the laws of physics have not changed.

‘Pitch to Voltage’ recognition will always take as much time as it needs for the ‘cycle’ to complete.
While this works fine on higher notes (frequencies) it is not so kool on lower notes.
That’s why this tech is rough for bassists.
It simply takes too long for the Pitch to Voltage recognition part to be usable in works
other than ballads or adagio (slow) stuff.

There are other ways around this limitation such as the Zeta ‘wired fret’ technology
but that is another topic for discussion.


And legions of guitarists who for decades have learned to cope with MIDI delays and adjusted their style of playing accordingly will suddenly feel lost and clueless… Pat Metheny might be too old to adjust back and will likely keep playing with his Roland thingie… :laughing:

Yamaha made some really good modeling amps … I think they were called the DG series… could be a big jump in guitar amp modeling, particularly where Line 6 has been working with Bogner and using actual tubes in the modeling amps

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