Yamaha CI1 - no sound when it's plugged in

I’m almost certain I had this working before on PC. now, when I plugged in CI1 to record directly into Cubase there is no sound. I keep trying to change settings in the devices/device set up and vst connections. when CI1 is UNPLUGGED, for audio device I see “ASIO directX full duplex” and device port: "speakers (realtek etc.) exactly what I want for speakers, and it works… but when I plug CI1 back in, to record, that option is not available, and only either Yamaha cI1 option or “disconnected” option is available. I don’t want to use CI1 for OUTPUT, I want laptop speakers.

When using the CI1 asio driver you have to use the CI1 for output…

You could try downloading the ASIO4ALL driver and set it up to use the CI1 for input and the laptops speakers for output if that’s what you want?