Yamaha Cubasis Midi Keyboard Controller

:sunglasses: Probably not the right place to post this but I wondered if anyone likes this idea?
What if, Yamaha (owner of Steinberg) were to develop a quality Midi Keyboard Controller (25, 49 and 61 keys) that worked with Cubasis?

I’m not talking about just triggering notes, but fully integrated with Cubasis to control transport, mixer, effects, patch select, AU instruments and other controls within Cubasis. You could even add the new iOS two way Audio/MIDI interface now in the new MX series?

How cool would it be to just plug in your iPad to a Yamaha keyboard controller, plug in your powered monitor speakers, and everything just WORKS? In my opinion, you would probably sell these to many, if not every serious Cubasis user out there. This would truly turn Cubasis into a fully portable, workstation/DAW combo.

I realize this would probably take quite a bit of work by the Cubasis team to give it midi learn capabilities, but if anyone could do this, it would be Yamaha/Steinberg.

Of course, this same controller could probably be configured to be used with other DAW software via USB as well, but think of the possibilities…

One can dream.

Thanks for the suggestion, will forward it to the Yamaha colleagues…