Yamaha DM1000 daw control

Hello, I’ve told by Steinberg support to post here about this issue. Since I’ve updated to os Monterey and cubase 12. The usb midi daw control is not working correctly. Cubase recognizes the driver and will patch in and out, the transport control works( but leds do no t light up anymore)
Faders send value to cubase but cubase does not send back to console. Console says waiting for midi connection. The drivers work for protools and logic so it’s leading be to believe that it’s cubase. Can you please help

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Do you use M1 processor? Do you use Cubase in the Native mode?

Hello and thank you! I’m using intel xeon e5 Mac Pro late 2013
Monterey 12.4
and I’m using cubase pro 12.0.30

Thank you


Could you try to reinstall the driver, please?

Btw, the latest Cubase 12 version is 12.0.40.

I’ve tired re installing the driver as well as trying some older drivers I’ll update cubase


Could you try to send the MIDI Message for the LED from another software? To see, of the issue is in Cubase or the hardware.

Yes, the dm1000 is working with logic and protools.


Could you use MIDI Monitor application to verify Cubase sends the data out, please?

Yes indeed it’s metering midi in and out

Hello Checking back on this. Any other ideas ?


If Cubase sends the MIDI Message out (I suppose the correct one and to the correct MIDI Out) there cannot be an issue in Cuvase then.

Right the only thing is that it, it was working fine in cubase 11 and it still works fine for protools and logic. So it really seems like the problem is exclusive to cubase 12. Am I wrong?

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Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Yes same problem with preferences disabled. It seem the issue is the midi out command has changed in cubase 12. It’s receiving the midi in commands correctly. But the dm1000 no longer responds to cubase 12 midi in commands. What it be possible for that to have changed in version 12?


Could you please compare the output MIDI Message for the very same command from Cubase 11 and Cubase 12 by using the MIDI Monitor?

Yes Im seeing the same midi message for both


Is it a SysEx message or just MIDI Note or a MIDI CC?

I believe its midi cc, Im looking at the midi in and out meter on the bottom right of the tool bar


What does the MIDI Monitor say, please?

When I perform a command on the console I see the midi input meter activity. The midi out meter is active the entire time. The midi in and out ports in the setup are showing all active