Yamaha DM2k with Nuendo 6

Anyone know how much control the Yamaha DM2K desk will have with N6? How much could you control with N5? Specifically, in addition to the most basic stuff (fader/pan/mute/solo/etc), can you at least control plug-ins from the desk?

Nobody here is using a Yamaha desk (D2k, 02R-96) with Nuendo? I thought afte Yamaha bought Steinberg, that all of this great interfacing was supposed to take place between their hardware and SB’s software. But searches aren’t turning up anything. So that’s why I’m asking directly for anybody’s experiences with this combination.


I have a DM2000 I use with Nuendo (5.5) every day. Except of play/stop/rec buttons I don’t use any remote functions on my DM2K for Nuendo or Cubase. For whatever reasons I never got familiar with the remote layout. I use a lot of Nuendo channels and a lot of non-Steinberg plug ins and it’s just simpler to turn the head and control them on the computer monitors. Maybe I miss a lot … I really would like to use the surround joystick of the DM2K for panning surround sources in Nuendo.

Can you tell me what the remote layer actually covers?


I’m using the 02R96V2 with Nuendo. It works fine with N5, but how it works with N6 I don’t know.

Okay, can you tell me what the 02R-96’s remote layer will control in Nuendo 5?

Hi, I use a DM2000 desk as a remote for Nuendo 5.5 … You can control : faders - pan - mute - track arming - the Nuendo EQ’s - and you can write automation with it very easily - and of course al transport functions … It works very good for mixing … no plug in control …


Thank you! So, not quite a full controller. I wonder if it will “inherit” any “nuage” features in it’s next iteration, assuming of course that it’s even still being supported.

On the 02R96 you can control the plugins (the inserts) in the remote layer when you choose the tab “insert”, although it isn’t really comfortable. I think it’s the same on the DM2000.

Well, that is significant! What do you mean by “isn’t really comfortable?”

I mean it is possible but a little bit awkward to change the parameters of the plugins with the desk. It is more comfortable if you change them with the mouse and/or keyboard of the computer. You can change the values but you have no feedback in the display of the desk. Also to select a parameter you want to change you have go with the cursor to the parameter, select it and then you can change it. These are 2 examples what I mean with “not really comfortable”.

Yeah that’s more than “uncomfortable.” That qualifies as “why bother,” if it’s not going to work any better than that?
Thanks for the info!

But for eg recording volume automation or the routing and monitoring facilities while recording I don’t want to miss it. For me the only lack is the missing possibility to change comfortably the insert parameters.

I use every day a DM2000V2 with Nuendo 5.5, and actually I’ve done several projects with Cubase 7.

You can control either Cubase 7 and Nuendo 5:
faders, mutes, solo, select, global channel insert on/off, phase, pan (5.1 control), output buss assign (multiple and single mode), sends and pan (with knobs and faders), track arming, input buss assign, EQ, transport control, automation panel control, zoom, track/part/event select, mixer/arranger, transport bar view, plug-in assing and control, automation for every parameter, control room sends… ¡uf!, I can’t remember all the functions.

For me is a great controller. I assume you can assign free controls with Nuendo 6, but I’m expecting…

The same here. You can even control WL7 if you want to do it…