Yamaha Driver Issue UR-44C MacOS Ventura

I’ve been using the dSPMixFX UR-C software for a while with. a UR44-C for a while and everything went fine until today, when all of a sudden in a project in Cubase no audio driver could be loaded. So I checked the Yamaha USB Control Panel and it showed that there was an issue - basically I’m connecting the interface with a USB-C Cable straight into the Thunderbolt port of a 2023 Mac Mini M2 Pro, as I always did and this message started coming out. I also installed the latest version of dSPMixFX UR-C, I updated the firmware and installed the Yamaha Driver 3.1.7. I tried both using the USB-C as a power source or the Yamaha Power Supply and nothing changed.
Any help on how to solve this error message would be greatly appreciated.