Yamaha Driver USB Driver MacOS Big Sur

Problem: No sound from CuBase to UR-22C / No signal from UR22C to Cubase when using the Recommended Yamaha Driver

Device: UR22-C. latest firmware
USB Driver: Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.0.4 and Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.0.2
Cubase AI/LE: 10.5.20 Build 179
MacBook Pro 15” Mid 2014
MacOS 11.1 Big Sur
Electric guitar plugged into input 2 / Hi-Z
Headphones plugged into the headphone jack of UR22-C
No speakers

I can
• connect the UR22-C to my Mac and record from it using Audacity
• use and configure dsmMixFc UR-C, so USB should work

I cannot
• feed a signal from the UR22-C into Cubase
• feed a signal from Cubase into the UR22-C

One – time results – cannot reproduce
• Could play a drum loop from Cubase through the UR22-C
• Could not record my guitar as I just heard only a noisy signal from the UR22C
• When switching from Steinberg UR22C (High Precision) to Steinberg UR22C I even was able to record my guitar.
• As dsmMixFc did not detect my UR22-C in this situation, I tried a few steps and have loss the connection since then.

I suspect a problem with the driver and I have tried the follwing steps to reproduce this.

Unplug UR22-C / Uninstall Driver / Reboot

Install Driver / Reboot / Plug in UR22-C

While installing the installer asks me to allow to install a system extension in the system preferences, which I happily do.

Surprisingly, the USB control panel Is installed in the dock.

Audio MIDI setup then shows me two UR22-C devices:

Select Steinberg UR22C 2 – with blue USB logo
Configure Speakers

Test Speakers -> OK, Sound through headphone plugged into UR22C. Can even select this device to be the main output device on this mac to hear music etc.

Right Click on Steinberg UR22C -> Configure Device is greyed out

Select Steinberg UR22C 1 (without any logo)

Configure Speakers

Test speakers -> no sound

Start dspMixFx_UR-C
Steinberg UR22C 2 (with USB logo, the one that passed the speaker test) disappears from Audio Devices.

Start Cubase
Steinberg UR22C 2 (with USB logo, the one that passed the speaker test) disappears from Audio Devices.

Disappearing UR22C 2 (with USB logo, the one that passed the speaker test)
I defined this device as the main audio output fir the mac and listened to some music. When the device disappears, the music stops.

Unplug and re-plug UR22C
Steinberg UR22C 2 (with USB logo, the one that passed the speaker test) appears again, sometimes.

Starting Cubase LE / AI

Which is which ?
• Steinberg UR22C – is this the default USB device without Yamaha Driver?
• Steinberg UR22C (High Precision) – is this the Yamaha Driver?
• Or are they both variants of the Yamaha Driver.
• Is one UR22C 1 and the other UR22C 2? Who knows …

While in doubt, lets select Steinberg UR22C (High Precision). It makes no difference if I select the other one.

Open Studio -> Studio Setup

I see Steinberg UR22C (High Precision) as our ASIO Driver.
I also add an UR-C device to the setup.

Seems to have Steinberg UR22C (High Precision) looks nice. It seems that Cubase sees the UR22C.

I hit Control Panel and Cubase crashes immediately.

In one try I selected Steinberg UR22C (without High Precision). In this case I could select Control Panel without crashing Cubase and I could playback and even record sounds. I was never able to reproduce this.

Restart Cubase after crash

Add a project – Clean electric guitar and vocal

Missing Ports
I connect the missing ports like so:

Look at the audio connections

For some reasons there are Stereo + Mono, probably because of the template, ports look good.

No sound from the guitar, the volume indicators stay black

Added a drum loop, no sound from the drum loop, the volume indicators stay black

No sound is plausible as the device Steinberg UR22C 1 (without any logo) delivers no sound in the first place.

When uninstalling the Recommended Yamaha Driver at least sound and signal works in both directions.

Should I discard the Yamaha Driver altogether? Will there be a fix. Or at least an answer from Steinberg.