Yamaha DTX-700 and Groove Agent 5


I’m validating Groove Agent 5 before buying it. And I want to do something simple: map my Yamaha pads to the virtual drum set (in Groove Agent) using my Yamaha DTX-700.

It looks simple from the YouTube videos, because people are always using DTX-900. But I have a DTX-700 module and it looks like there is something weird happening.

I have installed the DTX-700 MIDI drivers, but Groove Agent does not list it as a possible hardware under “Use Hardware Controller Mapping” options. It just shows the three default options (one of them is DTX-900).

And even when I select DTX-900, it does not map the sounds to my module.

I know that the communication between my module and Groove Agent is somehow happening: every time that I hit a pad, a small led close to the upper right corner blinks.


I found out that Yamaha and Steinberg have some USB drivers.
I’m not sure what it’s that about, I’ll read the README files about it tomorrow.

The link to these drivers is this one: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads_hardware/yamaha_steinberg_usb_driver.html

I’ll be back with more results.

The drivers that I commented before are targeted to other Yamaha devices: digital interfaces, recording stuff, etc.
They do not work with Drum Module DTX-700.

I tested other solution (EZDrummer) and everything worked fine.
I really would like to use Groove Agent instead of other solutions, but I’m not finding enough help.

Yamaha DTX-700 and 900 should be almost identical. Select the DTX-900 preset and secure that the Kit MIDI-In channel in Groove Agent is just like the Yamaha DTX 700 MIDI channel.

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