Yamaha DTX900 drums external inst. SUCCESS (up to a point)

I’ve struggled for ages trying to set up my Yamaha DTX900 as an external instrument in Cubase Pro 8.5 - at last I seem to have it working, recording the MIDI, playing back the MIDI, keeping the flexibility of being able to change the DTX program.

So far so good.

In cubase I can dissolve the recorded MIDI track separated by pitches so I can work on individual EQ’s etc of different drums - Aah, but no I can’t because Cubase will not allow me to send more than one track to the DTX module. So I suppose I’ll have to convert the MIDI to audio at this stage in order to get my individual drum tracks. I know there are all sorts of workarounds here but I’m looking for the most straightforward and elegant solution.

What do others do in this situation? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help - I’m still glad at this stage that I’ve finally managed to record a MIDI drum track!

And what exactly is the problem you’re facing? I’m quite certain, any Cubase version since at leasr SX 3 let’s you send as many tracks to one output or instrument as you like.

If you want separate processing on drum sounds in Cubase, dissolving the midi part won’t do that. You will need to take the individual audio outs from the drum module to separate audio inputs in Cubase.

If you want to control on board DTX settings, rather keep the midi performance in one track, add midi channels for midi controllers and change the outputs to DTX990’s midi port. I’m guessing the unit uses a midi channel per drum instrument, then set each midi track to the desired channel.

To svennilenni

Thanks for the reply - the problem is that the DTX900 is now set up like a virtual instrument - there is only one instance of it so once the MIDI part is dissolved to separate tracks it is unavailable to play the separated parts.

This is obviously not the right way to do it, I’ll carry on experimenting.

Thanks for the reply - It’s helped in that I think I can see where the problem may lie.

My understanding of the VST connections page is limited - but I fear that my audio interface (MOTU 8pre) has not enough capacity to handle this scenario. The 8 inputs are taken up by the outputs from the drums - but I can’t output them again through the interface to record separate tracks in Cubase. I hope this is not a completely gormless analysis - it sounds pretty daft to me - but if it is making any sense please let me know.

So if I’m right (huh!!?) - to handle a drum module with 8 separate outs and a piano in stereo I need an audio interface/mixer that has 16 or so inputs.

I could do it with cables and patch bays in the olden days but that VST connections page gives me nightmares.

If you use the optical or firewire out from the MOTU to Cubase, that should give you 8 tracks of audio.

If you want to record all drum sounds as stereo then it will take 16 channels.

A patchbay might be your best choice.


I am at the stage you were when you originally posted. I have tried for some time to get my DTX900 to record MIDI in Cubase (Elements 10) and have still not been able to achieve this. It is very frustrating as I am fairly new to MIDI and Cubase and have tried most things I can think of. It looks like Cubase can detect MIDI signal from the DTX900 as there is a response in the bottom right hand screen of Cubase, however when I record there is no MIDI event or data coming up in Cubase. Do you have any information to show me how you achieved this ? I am sure I am missing something simple however I have checked DTX MIDI settings and Cubase settings. I can trigger sound output in Halion Sonic SE or Groove agent SE5 when I use a MIDI keyboard, however this is not working when I use the DTX900 kit and pads to try and trigger.

I have tried both a MIDI cable and the USB (and changed in DTX900 for each one) and still have no success. I have tried multiple forums and still cannot achieve what I want. I can record audio using 4 of the 6 outputs (I only have 4 inputs on USB Audio device) but want to record MIDI as well.

Any help would be very much appreciated !!

Hi, I’ve found this post and I’d like to ask to @artartart how he managed to change DTX programs with Cubase ?

I’d like to change user kits on the DTX 900 (U1, U2, U3 etc…) using Ableton Live and midi.
I’ve done it before with weveral other physical devices (nordstage 2, elektron ak, fractal axe fx 2, mopho) but I can’t figure out how to do this with the DTX900. And when I read the notice I’m not really sure I can. For the other device I’m using a empty midi clip and the MSB LSB PGM parameters to send a PC message with the right midi output and the right channel. On the DTX I found the midi settings (PC receive etc…).
First question : is it possible ?
Thank you