Yamaha DTX900M and Cubase AI Hi-Hat Edge shot not working

Ive just installed Cubase AI that came with the DTX900M.

Im pretty sure I’ve set it up correctly as Im getting midi commands sent to Cubase and I can operate it in remote control mode.

The instrument track I’ve used is Groove Agent which was installed with Cubase AI. The Hi Hat is only recording a Bow shot all Edge shots are being ignored.The rest of the kit seems to record correctly.

Why are the Hi Hat Edge Shots being ignored?

The answer to this lies not in Cubase AI but Groove Agent 4.0 SE.
On the instrument pad screen, click Use Harder Controller Mapping, this should then highlight additional button to the right of it. click Select Preset and double click on Yamaha DTX900.

Now all the bloody pads work as expected. As a musician that doesn’t give a flying toss about software how the !@ are we supposed to work this $%$S out!