Yamaha KX and Windows 11

Has anyone been able to get Yamaha KX controller to work fully with Cubase on Windows 11? When I used Windows 10, Yamaha KX had three MIDI ports in the system, however, the latest Yamaha USB-MIDI driver does not seem to support Yamaha KX on Windows 11 at all. No MIDI ports are present via USB connection. Or, am I missing something?

I know it is a very old device, but the keyboard and the controllers are actually quite good and still working perfectly, so I am sorry to throw it away just because incompatibility… Currently, I am using it via MIDI DIN cable, but then I am losing the full integration with Cubase since its controllers do not work in this mode.

I haven’t tried it but I created midi remote map
in Cubase 13 on Win 11 and works good still adding to
it.my controller is in mint condition and I like the
fact that it was a Cubase controller

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Thank you, @iRan! My problem was on a lower level because my KX49 was not recognized in the OS at all. However, your message made me retry the setup, and now I was successful! Previously, I did not realize that the Yamaha MIDI driver installation has to be run when the corresponding device is connected. Which I did for my CC121 but not for KX49. Now everything is working fine :grin:

Best regards!

have you tried making a midi remote map. Im not sure what to do
with Cubase Function A and B

No, I have not tried to make a MIDI Remote for KX since I am quite satisfied with the legacy KX remote device. In this legacy device default setting, Cubase A button should “Open Browser” and Cubase B button should “Toggle Selection”. Pushing both buttons together should “Reset Search”.