Yamaha KX update for Cubase 6?

hello Steinberg!
Have you hear anything about an update for the midi controller KX? Last update was nov 2010. The keyboard works as a normal midi but the daw remote and quickcontrols do not seems to work. I think the “KX Editor” need a facelift. Please talk with your fellow men/women at Yamaha! :smiley:

No info?

Mine works just fine in both 32 and 64 bit Cubase versions.

Do quiccontrols work “anticlockwise” while using transmit? I goes back to zero for me. Not a huge problem though. Learn function works but the wheel is not function as it should.

I don’t know, as I don’t use those functions. The transport functions all work as expected, and the VSTi and Add Instrument track buttons work. If I get time later, I might try the control knobs.

Hey Im having issues with just my knobs. They don’t seem to function at all controlling even the native VSTs (Prologue, etc)…transport/cubase functions/keys work just fine.

In Device Setup under Remote Devices I see Quick Controls and Yamaha KX:

Quick Controls:
MIDI Input: Yamaha KX-1 (tried 1-3…no effect)
MIDI Output: Not Connected (Do I need to have an output here?)

Yamaha KX:
MIDI Input: Yamaha KX-2 (only one that works for transport controls/Cubase functions)
MIDI Output: Not Connected

Kinda bummn…any ideas? THANKS!!