Yamaha M0X8 to Cubase Al 5

I’ve got the software e-license set up, and connected the keyboard to the computer via USB cable

set up a Cubase project and track, but with the track record enabled there appears to be no audio in when playing the keyboard

just want audio in, don’t care about midi for the moment

under devices, device setup the VST Audio System is set up for ASIA DirectX Full Duplex Driver
these are currently set with two active microphones in and two active speakers out

under devices, VST connections the stereo ins are set to audio device ASIO driver with the microphones left & right

apparently not plug and play? I’m a rookie at this, can you give me an idea what I’m missing here?


Did you install the Yamaha USB driver software? Did you select the Yamaha driver in Cubase? Did you try reading the manual to see how to set things up?

Also go to the Yamaha site and download and install all the latest software and firmware for your device.