Yamaha MG16XU separation of channels

Hi, how can i separate the different channels of mixer in cubase? because in one audio track i can record all the channels.

Pan them left or right

but this is good for 2 channels… if i have 5 channels how separete them?

example i want record the drum and i have 5 mic… how create 5 different track on cubase?!

You need an interface that supports it. The MG16XU USB connection transmits the stereo out, which is

1 x Left channel + 1 x right channel = 2 channels in total.

I´m sure this is be mentioned in its manual somewhere…

i’m speeking about the input channels

Your input channels are mixed down to stereo inside the mixer, and this is what goes out to the USB connection and into Cubase - the stereo out signal, not the single input channels. Again: start reading your manuals.

the manual don’t tald about cubase, anyway i’ve understand! thanks!

No, but it tells that you only have the stereo output transmitted via USB for recording - you´re welcome…