Yamaha MO6 Cubase AI 5 Issues

Hello everyone,

I am new to music in general and I just purchased a new Yamaha MO6 on a deal since the new MOX6 is out now. I am currently using Windows 7 64 bit with M-Audio Fast Track Pro Audio Interface. I have the MO connected to the M-Audio via 2 1/4" TRS cables. Left and Right outs on the MO are going into the Instrument 1 & 2 inputs on the M-Audio respectively.

I set the remote options according to the MO manual:



ModeA is set to CUBASE PORT 4
ModeB is set to General Port 3 for Multi Part Software

Also, MIDI IN/OUT is set to USB

In Cubase I went to DEVICES-> Device Setup… and then added a Mackie Control Device and set it to port 4 of the MO per the MO manual. With these settings, I can control Cubase sequencer, undo, redo, etc with no problem - though I have to get the hang of viewing the status of what I am doing in Cubase on the MO screen for by-directional stuff.

But my problem right now is this:

When I play the MO while controlling a VST instrument, the output from whatever MO instrument I had loaded is going into Cubase at the same time I am controlling the VST. To avoid hearing both, I turn the mix knob on my M-Audio all the way to the right so I hear only sound from my PC. Also, I could make the inputs inactive in Cubase all together. Another thing I did was go into pattern mode and select an empty pattern so no sound is loaded before I press the Daw Remote button on the MO.

It seems kind of weird to have to go through all that before I record with a VST, but then again - I have no experience with this. So, my question is - Am I doing something wrong with my hardware setup that you can see? Can anyone give me some tips based on their own setup to help me? I think I have this mostly right - but something just doesn’t feel right. Any advice would be great - thanks a lot.

Well, I fixed the double midi issue - I was hearing the internal sounds of the MO while playing VST - but I had to set the MIDI local cotrol off via [UTILITY]->[MIDI]->[SWITCH]->LOCALCTRL = OFF. However, to play audio directly into Cubase, I’ll have to set MIDI back to local and midi instead of usb again I guess. But that makes sense since I’m using an actual instrument as a midi controller - I’ll have to switch back and forth between the 2 functions I guess.