Yamaha MODX Record Multiple Tracks Cubase 13 Pro

Hi there,

My question is related to hardware-software sync between my Yamaha MODX 8 and Cubase 13 pro.

I am relatively new to DAWs, and this is my first deep dive into it, so my apologies if this question has been asked elsewhere in a different way, but I have not been able to find this issue/solution.

I followed along Dom’s tutorial on setting up the MODX with Cubase I managed to set up my MODX to transmit MIDI to Cubase, though the video is on an older version of Cubase so I may have missed something. I am able to record the tracks I need using the MODX’s MIDI Record on DAW setting. The only problem is that every time I switch sounds on the MODX, all the previously recorded MIDI tracks switch to that sound.

I have a scarletrite focus 2i2 audio interface which I do record an audio track of the MODX into, but this just means that I don’t have the MIDI if I need to correct something and would rather have a MIDI that I can ‘apply’ a sound to and leave it that way (or switch it later if needed).

It may be that this is not possible, but is there a way to record MIDI with the associated audio, and then when switching tracks / performances on the MODX I leave the previously recorded ones with their sounds intact?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

To me it looks like you are not using the Multi/Combi/Seq mode on your hardware. So you are not using the multi-timbral mode.

You have 2 options:

  • Use multi-timbral on your hardware. Then you can use up to 16 sounds (not layered). Every single sound is at own MIDI Channel.
  • Once you record (and edit) the MIDI data, record also the Audio signal (Audio Track).

Hi Martin, thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

I do have the multi set up on the keyboard and the DAW - so I can simultaneously record 4 MIDI parts for example for 4 parts that are part of the performance on the keyboard - each with its own track. For example if the performance has keyboard, piano and soft pad, each one will have its own track (3 total).

The problem is when I switch to a different performance/set of sounds on the keyboard, the MIDI recorded on Cubase also changes the sound. For example, if I record the above keyboard, piano and pads, then change to a brass sound (without playing or recording anything), the previously recorded MIDI on cubase playback will change to the brass sound.

It seems option 2 is what I may need then - could you advise me on how to record the audio signal/track simultaneously or based on a MIDI track? And is it possible to “save” the sound type that was intended for that track (aside naming the track after the specific sound patch).

Thank you


That’s the point… By using this, you use the whole “power” of the instrument to a single sound. Therefore you are not using the multi-timbral mode.

The only way is to record it to Audio, to be able to add another track.

I am a bit confused as I can record the parts separately and to different tracks, or simultaneously, but still all to different tracks, so I am unsure about using the power of the instrument in a single sound. But I could be confused.

In any case are you able to advise me on how to record the audio from the midi track please?