Yamaha Modx8

I just connected a Yamaha Modx8 on my UR44 card (Cubase pro 10.5) and I see that the output level of Vsti is much lower than that of Modx! Any ideas? Thank you


I dont own the modx8, but maybe it is similar to the Motif XF8: The output level of the Motif can be set to +6dB or 0dB in the “system” settings.

Hello Elien
Thank you for your answer
it’s already adjusted to 0 db, that’s why I don’t understand

Hm, with wich VSTi do you compare? Of couse levels could be quite different - do you have problems adjusting them in cubase?

Are you using analog/audio cables from line out of the Modx8 to Line in on the UR interface? If so you can just adjust the volume of the Modx to suit. Just make sure you meter the signal coming in to your audio interface so it’s not clipping (allow some headroom too). (You can see the direct inputs in cubase mixer panel).

Oh, I dont know the UR interface: Is the cable type you are using (XLR?) maybe meaning you connect to Microphone inputs? (with a line level coming from the Mox?)

yes Elien you’re right I connect the Modx on the micro inputs 3 and 4 of UR44

hello skijumptoes
thanks so much for your answer
yes i conect as you say but any Vsti signal is very low even meters are in red in Cubase

What audio interface is selected in Cubase? Is it your UR44 or the Modx8’s audio interface?

It’s possible that you are misconfigured somewhere if the volume difference is large. i.e. you may accidentally have the Modx8 as an audio interface which receives VSTi’s sound and the balance on your Modx8 could be the issue here and you just need to reslect the UR44 interface (If that’s the setup you want).

Don’t forget that any sound your Modx8 sends out will be going through your UR44 interface ‘dry’ even if it’s not selected in Cubase so be very sure how you’re connected, as this may distort things IF your UR44 is direct monitoring (i.e. relaying the inputs that the Modx8 is plugged into) direct to your speakers. In some instances this could cuase the sound to be doubled, for example.

If you could explain how everything is connected and what audio interface is selected in Cubase the problem will be diagnosed more simply.


  1. How is the Modx8 connected to UR44?
  2. What are your speakers/monitors being fed from?
  3. Is the UR44 set to direct monitor the sound from your Modx8 (If connected via analog cables).

… it’s Modx8 interface
but no choice if i use Modx as midi keyboard for Vsti

yes the volume difference is large … :frowning: :cry:

no it’s not

Ok, if you’re using the Modx8 inerface then you just need to balance the USD Audio volume on it (i.e. what’s coming in FROM Cubase), see here:-
On Page 10 - It’s labelled as Item 5 - The USB monitor knob.

One question on all this - I’m not sure how the UR44 interface fits into your setup, what’s it being used for?

Assuming that the moxf is similar to my motif: Using it as a midi keyboard to control vstis does NOT force you to use it as your audio interface for cubase!

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks Dor your answer… I just want tu play vsti and modx in the same session.

Yes, you can do that. No need to use the modx as the audio interface.

As I understood you are anyway using your UR.

I think to help you we need a COMPLETE picture of your routings, tracks, etc. your complete setup and what and how you are recording/monitoring.

Ok i will send this evening… Thanks so much for the help

in this config Padshop work but not Modx.jpg

The answer is here :

thanks to all for your help