Yamaha Motif map to C6?

I’ve got SX3, and I remember losing nights of sleep trying to get it to map to my Yamaha Motif. Finally I found something that some kind soul put together and put on the Motif site for free use.

Does anyone know how I might get a hold of a Yamaha Classic map for Cubase 6? I’ve posted in the Motif forum as well, if I get an answer there, I’ll pass it along here.


Hello Alexis,

Do you mean the patch script?
Which Motif are you using the XS keyboard or the XS Tone generator rack?
On this website you can find all the scripst that you need:


Ah, yes, Guillermo, the patch script! I am using the Motif (i.e., Classic, not XS), but I see your wonderful site has a patch script for that as well. When I am able to finally buy C6, I will post back for some hints on where to put the patch script. In the meantime, I will continue with SX3 (with which I am reasonably happy) and wait for the happy day.

Thank you Guillermo!