Yamaha MW12 not recognized in Audio Devices

I’m using a Yamaha MW12 for audio in and out and its not being recognized. Its not showing up in the options to select in the Audio Connection Input & Output page.

Its working normally with the computer audio / Ableton etc and I can see it in the system prefs / sound section of my iMac.


Have you selected the corresponding ASIO driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, please?

Hi Martin

Yes, i have selected that, I’m now getting a output, but it will not let me select it for the input.

Its showing up in the dropdown menu ?


What macOS version do you use, please? Is the driver compatible with this macOS version?


I’m using Catalina 10.15.7


The official driver (here) seems to be compatible with macOS 10.4-10.7 only.

So does this mean I will not be able to make any recordings with this unit ?

I thought Yamaha and Steinberg were connected.


Yamaha and Steinberg are connected, but this doesn’t mean, Yamaha is going to support all devices for ever.

If you are no lucky that the old driver works on your system, or if there is no any kind of workaround or unofficial driver, then I’m afraid you cannot use this old device with the current system anymore.

To confirm, the new driver is working with Cubase 11.

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