Yamaha MX 88 for both MIDI and audio out

Hey all,

Cubase AI 10.0.40, Yamaha MX88, OS Catalina on 2017 MBP.

Day to day, I use my MX as an audio out via the “Audio MIDI setup” app in Mac. Specifically, it’s part of an Aggregate Device that uses my mic as audio-in, and the MX for both audio-in and audio-out (I like to play Spotify through the keyboard out to my monitors).

When I was on Mojave and AI 9.5, I could fire up cubase and use the MX just like normal as an audio out. This was really nice because I could hear my MIDI and audio tracks playing through the same monitors (MIDI our through the MX, audio out also through the MX).

In AI 10 and Catalina, I don’t have this option anymore. When I open cubase, the MX disappears from my audio device list and is not recognized by Any programs (cubase, Spotify, safari, etc.). It remains hidden as long as cubase is open. When I close cubase, I can bring the MX back to the device list by un- and re-plugging the USB cable connecting it to my computer, and everything is back to normal (until I start cubase again).

If possible, I’d like to get my MX working double-duty again so I can monitor my audio and MIDI together, and also do MIDI/audio mixdowns for export. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, I’m new to the forum, so if I need to provide more info to help you help me, please let me know.