Yamaha MX: unable to have two drum maps

Using a Yamaha MX synth as a source, I don’t know if this is a Cubase or MX problem. I want to use more than one drum part & kit in an MX performance while recording in Cubase AI 9.5. When I set up MX drum maps in Cubase for both tracks on two MIDI channels (say, 10 & 11), the MX drum part on the channel other than 10 changes its drum kit to the one on channel 10 (if I remove the drum map on channel 11, the MX kit reverts to the one I chose). How do I get two different MX drum maps, one for each kit?


Are you sure Channel 11 is selected? Could you send a screenshots, please?

There’s little to demonstrate. When Cubase or the MX changes the MX drum kit on channel 11 to be the same one as is on channel 10, it doesn’t show it in Cubase in the Inspector - it just changes in the MX, which I can immediately hear whilst Cubase is playing the piece.


In Cubases’ Inspector there must be the MIDI Channel visible. To make sure it’s Channel 11.

Yes, that is what is showing. What is strange is that the Inspector shows Chan 11 and the correct drum kit I’ve selected for it, but the sound has switched to the kit on Chan 10. As soon as I remove the drum map from Chan 11, I hear its kit switch back to the one I chose.


I still can’t see any hint. Please make a screen capture. Maybe we will see something what we don’t discuss here at all.

Don’t worry about it, I’ll find a workaround, it’s not a pressing problem. Thanks for considering.