Yamaha MX61 with Cubase 5

Please Help!

I have a Yamaha MX61.
I want to use it with Cubase5 as a remote DAW controller.(i.e. To control transport buttons, shortcut keys like “AddInst.Track”, “VSTi Window”, etc.)

I am confused with Cubase 5 and Cubase AI 5.
Is there something possible with the “Cubase AI version” which is not available with the “Cubase Non-AI version”?
What is the difference between the 2 ?

Will the cubase5/WinXP which I already have fit and working, fulil my purpose?
Or should I get cubaseAI5?
Or should I go only for the CubaseAI7/Win7 which came along with the MX61?

Please Help

Cubase 5 as the top of the line version. Everything that was possible in AI5 was possible in Cubase 5.

What operating system are you on now?

Windows XP

The current versions of Cubase (7.5, Artist 7.5, Elements 7) are not supported for XP, so I would not suggest upgrading on that system.

You would install the correct drivers for the MX61, then you should be able to set it up as a controller within Devices, Device Setup, Remote Control.

I’ve installed the drivers,
I’m able to get MIDI in/out signals and controller signals when I’m in the “DAW Remote” mode on the MX61.
But the ‘Remote Devices’ view in the Cubase Device Setup does not show MX61.
And I don’t know how to get the controls mapped to the Transport, channel edit, etc functions in Cubase.

The MX61 was released after Cubase 5, so you may not be able to use the remote script from it. If you go to the Plus (+) symbol at the top left, do you see the Yamaha MX (or KX) as an option for the remote? If so, select it, set your MIDI in/out for it, and you should be all set.

If you do not see it (and you have installed the latest MX drivers), I would suggest using Generic Remote. If that is the case I would highly recommend checking out the manual on Remote Devices and Generic Remote because it will explain how to setup the desired parameters.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you still have trouble and I will do my best to help!

Thank Chris.

When I click the ‘+’ symbol, “MX61” is displayed along with other device names like Yamaha O1v, Motif, etc.
But when I select it, it gets listed uder Remote Devices with a red “!” symbol. And when I click on it, It says: ‘Failed to Open Device’ in the right pane.

But other devices in that script list which I DONT have connected at all, are opening fine.

What could possibly be the problem?
Please Help.

My first guess would be that since the MX61 was released after C5, it was not designed for use with C5. I would suggest reinstalling the latest MX61 drivers with Cubase closed, then restart the machine.

Are you able to setup with Generic Remote?

The latest MX driver is v1.8 which works in Windows 7 or 8 only. I’ve installed the previous driver v1.7 which works with WindowsXP. And as you said, I tried re-installing it.

I’m wondering why ‘MX61’ would get listed in Cubase5’s devices if it is not supported.

As for the Cubase Generic Remote; No! I’m Not able to get Generic Remote Set.
In the generic remote pane alone, the ‘Learn’ button does’nt recogonize my MIDI signals at all.
I tried generic remote with Nuendo4 as well. It’s the same story there as well.

But in the Quick Controls Pane in Cubase, My MIDI signals are recogonized with the ‘Learn’ button. Fine. But with wrong parameters.
((For e.g. The knobs on the MX 61 are not recogonised as “controller”. Instead it shows “Unknown”. And when in use with quick controls, the knobs work like ‘Note on/off’.))