Yamaha n12 and Cubase Elements 10.5-Link Light?

Anyone still using a Yamaha n12? I’ve been trying to get the “Link” light to come on to no avail.
Everything actually seems to be working though. Just no “Link” light.
I’m one of those peeps where if something isn’t working, I find it hard to leave alone.
This is my first Cubase experience so I have no previous installs to judge by.

Win 8.1
Firmware 1.03
Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V1.6.6
n Extension V1.72
Cubase Elements 10.5


Sorry, I’m not using it. But if it seems to be working, I’m glad and I would trust it. :wink:

Just be aware, Cubase 10.5 doesn’t officially support Windows 8.1. Windows 10 is the only one supported Windows version now.

Hi, i still use the N12 and like it a lot.
Using the latest W10-1909 + Cubase 10.5 and (almost) everything works just fine in Cubase 10.5, also the “ready” light is always on. Only very seldom that light is not on f.e. when I switch back to this interface after using my other Focusrite. But a fresh restart of Cubase solves that problem.

Only difference I noticed was : when I upgraded from W7 to W10 I always have to start the N12 first, then my PC and then Cubase, when I want to have a trouble-free Audio Realtime performance of the N12.
In W7 I could start the N12 even after the PC was fired up, never had any troubles with performance back then.
I have the same/latest/last FW-drivers that you use.
Maybe that “ready” light is broken?

My advice is also > upgrade to W10, it’s still free.