Yamaha N12 & Cubase 7 & windows 10

Hi All

I’m new on this board. Therefore not sure if this topic does exist.
Anyway, after a lot of fighting, managed to get my Yamaha N12 mixer working together with Cubase 7 on windows 10.
I’ve done a fresh install of Windows7, installed the yamaha nTools 2.7.3, including the Firewire drivers, then I installed Cubase 5, rebooted the machine and checked if it was working on Windows 7, what is the case. i could start stop etc etc tracks on the mixer via Cubase software.

After checking, run and update to windows 8, kept all settings as they where. No changes to drivers or nTools. Checked again if it was working *the bleu connection light on the Yamaha mixer was lighting up, etc etc.

Then, run the windows 10 upgrade, again, keep all settings the same. After upgrade, i upgraded cubase 5 to 7, rebooted, and see, it is working fine with windows 10. Mixer is connected to Cubase, blue light is activated, I can stop, start, record etc etc direct on the mixer, hardwaremix, map to Cubase 7 etc etc.

This whole procedure took a full day, but I am happy with the results so far.

Yeah it’s a shame they dropped MLan, but cheers anyways

Aloha J,

For future use here is a link to help keep you up-to-date with what’s going on with yer n12/8 box and Windows 10.
(scroll down past the Mac stuff)


Good Luck!

Thanks for the link.