Yamaha n12 remote control not working

I was able to set up my yamaha n12 and sound is being routed correctly. But the transport section plays midi notes instead of starting stopping or recording. How do I fix this?

I’m guessing you’re using it with Cubase?
Go to generic remote and delete any entry there for the transport buttons, they are probably automatically mapped there.

Did you install the n Extension as well as the firewire driver ?


The problem is in the Yamaha download site!
If you select windows 10 64 bit the option are : only the fw drivers , the n- tools are only in the windows 10 section available, but these dont work .
So get the driver from the windows 64 bit section , install them.
Then select " windows 8.1" as system and get the n-tools Extention for 64 bit .
If you have the latest firmware and firewire update then the ligt will work and transport is ok.
( only if your firewirecard has a viachip or ti chip , will not work on nec chip.)