Yamaha N12 + Yosemite

Hi there,

if someone could help, it would be very appreciate!

So my setup.

Macbookpro 2015

Thunderbolt to fw800, then a fw800 to fw400 cable.

I did try to install the latest firmware update, driver, but i still can’t see the mixer in the system.

I bought it new, so maybe i had to install an older driver of firmware before installing the latest one. :frowning:


Hey Gab, Im running an n12 and have just bought a new computer which I setup using the latest drivers. What OS are you using, and what versions of the drivers do you have installed? Im currently on Yosemite and everything is running smoothly (well it was until I bought and downloaded Groove Agent 4 and now I have crashes everywhere, which probably means a re-install, Ha). Anyway, I think if you go back and make sure that you have installed ALL of the drivers successfully, you should be good to go mate.