i have :cubase ai5, win 7-64, yamaha n8
i download all the nececery drivers (ntools, steinberg fw, firmware upgrade) from yamahasynth.com…all the latest stuff.
i can see the yamaha n8 as a device at the device manager…BUT
no matter whatr ive tried i cant get the cubase ready led to light (no connection), i cant see the n mascine at my sound devises (at sounds) and in cubase ai 5, i cant choose the steinberg driver…beacause …no succesfull link between yamaha n8 and my pc

the included manuals of all tha above are not helpfull at all (beacause n8 comes with cubase ai4 and n tools that work with this - but NOTHING works with windows 7 64. Im lucky to also have original cubase ai 5 from a motif xf 6 purchase but im reaal worried…i have the n8 for 10 days now and i cant work…

PLEASE…HELP (ive even tried to channge my 1394 win7 driver to the legacy one but…NOTHING) :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

What’s the manufacturer of the 1394 controler… according to Yamaha it doesn’t work with NEC’s 1394 chips… ?

*** The computer must have an IEEE 1394 (FireWire or i.LINK, etc.) connector for IEEE1394 connection. If there is no connector, please install an IEEE1394 interfacecard (PCI or PC). When using a laptop or notebook computer, a built-in IEEE1394 terminal may not be available. In this case, install an appropriate PC interface card. 1394 Chip Set Compatible with n12/n8 IEEE1394 connection with “TOOLS for n” - AGERE FW323-05 - AGERE FW323-06 - TI TSB12LV23 + PHY - TI TSB12LV26 + TSB41AB03 - TI TSB43AB22/A - TI TSB43AB23 - VIA VT6306 *ATTENTION The manufacturer may alter the above mentioned Chip Set without notice. Depending on the change, there’s a possibility of it not working properly with this driver. 1394 Chip Set NOT Compatible with n12/n8 IEEE1394 connection with “TOOLS for n” - NEC D72873GC - NEC D72874GC - NEC uPD72874

Have you installed the latest N8 IEEE 1394 firmware update and latest drivers ?