Yamaha N8 FireWire driver and Mac OS High Sierra

Hi all, I recently updated my MacBook Pro to High Sierra. Unfortunately it now won’t recognise my Yamaha N8. Is there any likelihood of a new driver release that will support High Sierra? Thanks

It’s been a long time since they updated the drivers so I suspect not. I have one for my n12 on win10 but one day that will stop as well

I’m getting extremely frustrated… first I buy a new MacMini w/OS High Sierra to find out I can’t use my older Cubase software, so I then buy new software, and now I can’t get it to recognize my n8. Is this because of the driver issue? Is there a work around? I feel a nasty gram coming on to Steinberg…or someone!

Can anyone confirm whether or not the latest Yamaha Steinberg FW driver will function correctly for a Yamaha n8 and Mac OS High Sierra?

Thanks in advance

I was worried too when I upgraded to HS on my Mac. My N8 is still working well and in excellent condition with the only fault that firewire is now becoming a historical item. I upgraded my Mac to HS, then installed the same Yamaha FW driver which I used for my Capitan, it worked. I can still use my N8 now. The only error message I got was before the installation…not exactly an error but a alert message that said HS is a 64 bit platform while the FW driver is 32 bit, there MAY BE some issue. But to date it is working perfectly well.

The driver I used to install: Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver v 1.7.5